Nosler Rifles

For years, the concept of a Nosler rifle had been discussed with the goal of bringing something very special to the world of custom firearms. In 2005, this vision was realized with the first production of NoslerCustom limited edition rifles. 10 years later, we are proud to have had our rifles receive some of the most prestigious awards for excellence in the shooting sports industry. 

From the inception of the program we have held that the epitome of a modern hunting rifle must possess all of the finest features of several proven firearm designs. The rifle must be simple, rugged, fully weather resistant, and provide minute-of-angle accuracy with readily available factory ammunition. Nosler® rifles are designed to exceed this goal.

At the heart of our rifle is the Nosler® action, a tremendously strong and mechanically precise platform designed for rugged reliability in the field while providing bench-rest accuracy. Now available in a variety of configurations, our rifles are hand-crafted at the Nosler plant in Oregon using premium components assembled with great care to ensure function and performance in any field condition. Every rifle we build comes standard with an all-weather Cerakote™ finish, a finely tuned custom trigger, a hand-lapped match grade barrel, and an out-of-the-box accuracy guarantee with our factory ammunition.

Nosler rifles have been tested in some of the most trying conditions on the planet. From the sizzling deserts of East Africa, to the frozen tundra of the far North, you can be sure that a Nosler rifle is up to the challenge.



Production Rifles


M48 Patriot™ Rifle

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M48 Heritage™ Rifle

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M48 Outfitter™ Rifle

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Nosler Custom Rifles


Nosler Custom Rifle (NCR) LE

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Limited to just 500 total units per series, the NoslerCustom® Rifle (NCR) presents an opportunity for performance to the shooter whose passion for accuracy is equal to his passion for artistic beauty.

M48 Custom Rifle

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Top of the line performance matched with a top notch customization features. 



Nosler Custom Rifle Packages


M48 Custom Rifle Packages

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We have helped simplify the decisions by pre-packaging four rifles to suit varying hunting environments and styles. 



AR Rifles


Varmageddon AR

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Designed to be the ultimate varmint hunting platform, the Varmageddon AR is equally at home in the prairie dog towns of the plains, or calling coyotes in the sagebrush, and makes for a formidable competition rifle.