Military and First Responder Discount

Nosler always offers Military and First Responder's a 10% Discount when shopping online.  

Visit to get you discount on your favorite ammunition, bullets, and brass!

Available to:


Active Duty  -  Veteran  -  National Guard  -  Reserves

First Responders

Police Officer  -  Firefighter  -  Nurse  -  EMT


Military and First Responder Discount Details:

We are proud to offer a military and first responder discount. To take advantage and qualify, you must first complete the following steps below:

1.  Create an active account. Don't have an account? Click here to create one!

2.  Once you have created your account, click on the box marked “Military and First Responder Verification” This will take you to a page where you will be required to enter your name, branch of service, birthdate, email address, and most recent Active-Duty status date. Be sure to click the “submit” button after entering your information.

Note:  In some cases verification of service may take several days. The 10% discount will not apply until service is verified. You will receive an email when your service status has been verified.

Once you have created an account and have been verified, you will not have to complete this process again. Simply login to your account when placing your order, and your discount will be applied automatically.

If you already have an account but would like to get verified, please login and complete the verification process.

You do not have to place an order to create an account and have your service status verified, so to best ensure that your discount will be applied, we suggest creating an account and completing the verification process before placing an order.

** Military and First Responder discount will not apply towards the purchase of any Nosler Rifles. 

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Best of the Best

I've long known the prowess of Nosler bullets for 40+ years as a Reloader.

In fact, I remember Nosler was light years ahead of the competition when they introduced the Ballistic Tip to the world in .30 caliber, 165 gr.

I also remember the "in a class by itself" Partition .30 cal bullets.

Thank you NOSLER, for providing me with memories and inimitable outstanding performance!


Columbia, PA


Nosler Reloading Guide 7, Even Better

Yesterday was my birthday......I am 57 years "youthful"!  As a present to myself, I bought a copy of Nosler #7.  I just love it!  #6 was great, and #7 is even better!  I like the new page format, including more data, and color dimensional diagrams.  Also, all the new cartridges and powders.  And, ah yes, the cartridge introduction stories, field reports, and personal vignettes.......all making for a great read!

I've come to consider Nosler as my favorite bullets, and will probably use them only, for the rest of my life.  I was so sorry to hear of "Big John's" death.  But, he also had 97 years, which included so much innovation and contribution to the shooting and hunting world!  Well.....I'm going to mosey on back, and read some more of #7.  And, to all at Nosler, let me wish you a wonderful Hunting and Holiday Season!!!            

Puyallup, WA