Perfect Nilgai Hunting Ammunition

Trophy Grade 7mm Rem Mag 160gr AB Report

Thank you so much for sending me the above ammo for my South Texas Nilgai hunt. It was a huge success.  My friend and I both used this same ammo and dropped a bull (420 lbs.) and a cow (310 lbs.) over a distance of 225 yds!

Wow, what a performing bullet!

Since it just took one shot each, guess I have some ammo left!

I also ordered your 150 gr. E-Tip.  That also is a "wow" performer, as it took down a feral hog (120 lbs.) and a cull buck, (white tale, 115 lbs.). Both were within a 100 yds., but the animals both dropped in their tracks.

Guess I'll be staying with these 2 cartridges for my 7mm Rem Mag.

Thanks again,




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Trophy Grade Ammunition vs Trophy Moose

Customer Hunting Story

Hello, I just saw your ad in the winter 2015 issue of Fair Chase, the Boone and Crockett Club magazine.  The ad pushed me to send you this note on a recent hunt my wife and I were on.

The short story is my wife got one of only 100 New Brunswick non-resident moose tags in 2015.  She shoots a 270 WSM and I wanted a bonded bullet for her moose hunt.  I chose your 140 grain AccuBond Trophy Grade Ammunition.

Trophy Moose Story

Opening morning she made a perfect 125 yard shot on a trophy class bull.

It scores 195 0/8 inches for Boone and Crockett, placing it on the all time list for Canadian Moose.

It was also scored for the New Brunswick Big Game records and is the current #8 bull, all time, #1 by a non-resident, #1 by a woman, and was the largest bull scored by their club for 2015.

Thank you for making a great performing product!

Scott H.

Trophy Moose and Customer


Do you have an awesome hunting story using Nosler products?  We would love to hear it!  You can email with your story and pictures.  If your story is selected you could be the next hunter featured on!


2015 Nosler Veterans

Nosler 2015 Veterans

Hiring veterans isn’t just a patriotic act, it’s smart business and integral to our success here at Nosler. American veterans don’t merely make for good employees. Often times, they’re the very best.

They’re goal-driven leaders, team players, disciplined and confident. They make smart decisions under pressure and deliver results. Integrity, honesty, loyalty and a strong work ethic are cornerstones of their character— all crucial qualifications required of the entire Nosler team.

We urge American organizations to recognize the tremendous value these brave individuals bring to the workforce and continue to hire them as they re-enter civilian life, which more often than not, is a challenging transition.

Today, we celebrate the brave men and women who have served this great country by honoring our own. From our CEO Bob Nosler and members of our corporate staff, to our machinists and dedicated production team producing Nosler bullets, rifles and ammunition— thank you for working with us. The honor is ours to have you here.

Hunting Adak Island, Alaska

Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullets Banner

I just wanted to say a big thank you for producing a product that performs as advertised. I took my 21 year old son on a long trip to Adak Island, Alaska for a Caribou hunt / Salmon fishing trip.

Neither of us have hunted big game other than local Illinois Whitetail deer (where we can't use rifles by the way) We researched guns / ammo quite a bit and ended up buying a .270 Weatherby Vanguard and 140 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets.

We were on our own, 5000 miles from home and had a long, difficult hunt for Caribou but were able to locate 4 nice bulls together. We got within 270 yds and he was a little leery about shooting that distance since he has never shot that far. He calmed down, took the shot and dropped the big 500 lb bull.

This was a trip of a lifetime for both of us. All the hard work, expense, and planning was dependent on that one bullet. Thank you again for producing something that can be depended on. We are truly grateful for the performance of that one single bullet.

Brad L.


RifleShooter reviews the Patriot Rifle

Patriot Rifle


Built on Nosler’s own custom action, fit with a premium, match-grade, hand-lapped stainless barrel, and bedded into a lightweight Aramid-fiber stock, the M48 Patriot is as fine a hunting rifle as you can obtain south of two grand. Sure, that’s a lot, but when you consider that it offers guaranteed sub M.O.A. accuracy, has a hand-tuned match-grade trigger, is Cerakoted to make it impervious to moisture and wear, and comes in just about any caliber you can think of, you’ll realize it’s worth it. I’ve used an M48 with extraordinary success at long range, consistently hitting deer-vital-size targets out to 800 yards. Weight: 6 lbs., 12 oz. to 7 lbs., 8 oz. depending on caliber.



RifleShooter:  Great Big Game Rifles

I haven’t used the 26 Nosler yet, but Mike McNett from DoubleTap ammo has used it extensively and tells me that it hits like the hammer of Thor. Nosler’s Patriot is a semi-custom rifle that comes with an MOA guarantee and weighs in under 8 pounds when chambered in Nosler’s screaming 6.5mm. A match stainless barrel, pillar-bedded action, good trigger and weather-resistant Cerakote finish are all strong features in a rifle in this price range. The rifles aren’t due to ship until the end of this year but they are worth putting on your radar if the idea of the 26 Nosler blows your skirt up.