2014 New Products

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26 Nosler



6.8mm 90 gr  |  100 ct.

30 Cal 168 gr  |  100 ct.




Trophy Grade Ammunition

22-250 Remington 64 gr. BSB

26 Nosler 140 gr. AB

Defense Ammunition

6.8 SPC 90 gr. BSB

308 Winchester 168 gr. BSB


Trophy Grade Long Range Ammunition

26 Nosler 129 gr. ABLR

270 Winchester 150 gr. ABLR



M48 Patriot


M48 Heritage

2013 New Products

2012 was a busy year for us here at Nosler®, one in which we have developed several new products and product lines in response to feedback that we have received from you, our valued customer. Recognizing the need for a bonded, high-B.C. bullet, we are pleased to introduce our new AccuBond®-LR™ line of long range bullets. Continuing the bonded theme, we have also entered the personal defense market with our new Nosler® DEFENSE™ line of handgun ammunition loaded with our new Bonded Performance™ bonded handgun bullets. For muzzleloader enthusiasts, we have created the new Jim Shockey signature series Ballistic Tip® Muzzle Loader bullet. Along with these new products, we have added new calibers, weights, and cartridges to all of our bullet, brass, ammunition and rifle offerings. All of these we have added to provide you with more options and opportunities to use Nosler® products in your enjoyment of the shooting sports in 2013.

New Bullet Offerings

30-125gr 50ct.

6.5mm-129gr 100ct

270-150gr 100ct

7mm-150gr 100ct

7mm-168gr 100ct

7mm-175gr 100ct

30-190gr 100ct

30-210gr 100ct

22-64gr PPT 100ct.

22-77gr HPBT w/cann 250ct.

30-220gr HPBT 100ct.

338-300gr HPBT 100ct.

6.5mm-120 Gr.  50ct.

17-20gr FBHP 250ct

17-20gr FB Tipped 250ct

20-32gr FBHP 250ct

20-32gr FB Tipped 250ct

22-35gr FB Tipped 100ct

22-35gr FB Tipped 250ct

22-40gr FBHP 250ct

22-40gr FB Tipped 250ct

22-55gr FBHP 250ct

22-55gr FBHP 500ct

22-55gr FB Tipped 250ct

22-55gr FB Tipped 500ct

22-62gr FBHP 100ct

22-62gr FBHP 250ct

6mm-55gr FBHP 250ct

6mm-55gr FB Tipped 250ct

6mm-70gr FB Tipped 100ct

6mm-70gr FB Tipped 250ct

30-110gr FB Tipped 100ct

Muzzle Loader Bullets

50-300gr 15ct.

New Brass Offerings

6.5 Grendel 50ct

6.5 Creedmoor 50ct

7x57 Mauser 50ct

300 AAC Blackout 50ct

375 Ruger 25ct

New Ammunition Offerings

Match Grade™ Handgun

9mm 115gr JHP

9mm 124gr JHP

40 S&W 150gr JHP

40 S&W 180gr JHP

45 ACP 185gr JHP

45 ACP 230gr JHP

Trophy Grade™ Long Range™ 

6.5-284 Norma 129gr ABLR

270 WSM 150gr ABLR

280 Ackley IMP 150gr ABLR

7mm Rem Mag 168gr ABLR

7mm STW 175gr ABLR

7mm RUM 175gr ABLR

300 WSM 190gr ABLR

300 Win Mag 190gr ABLR

300 WBY 210gr ABLR

300 RUM 210gr ABLR

30-378 WBY 210gr ABLR

Trophy Grade™ 

243 Win 90gr AB

6.5 Creedmoor 140gr BT

280 Rem 140gr AB

7x57 Mauser 140gr AB

7mm Rem Mag 160gr AB

30-06 180gr AB

300 WBY 180gr AB

325 WSM 180gr E-Tip

340 WBY 300gr AB

338 RUM 250gr AB

338 RUM 300gr AB

338 Lapua 300gr AB

9.3x62 250gr AB

375 Ruger 260gr AB


375 Ruger 300gr PT

375 Ruger 300gr SD

Match Grade™ 

6.5 Creedmoor 140gr CC

6.5-284 Norma 140gr CC

300 AAC Blackout 125gr BT

338 Lapua 300gr CC


22 Hornet 35gr FB Tipped

223 Rem 62gr FBHP

300 AAC Blkout 110gr FB Tipped

308 Win 110gr FB Tipped

Nosler Defense™ 

9mm+P 124gr BONDED( JHP) 

9mm+P124gr BONDED( Tipped) BLUE TIP

40 S&W 200gr BONDED (JHP)

40 S&W 200gr BONDED (Tipped) BLUE TIP 

45 ACP +P 230gr BONDED (JHP)

45 ACP +P 230gr BONDED (Tipped) BLUE TIP

Nosler® Reloading Guide 7

Nosler, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their latest load data manual, Reloading Guide #7.  Included in this 864 page Reloading Guide is the most up to date handloading data incorporating new cartridges, powders and Nosler’s entire bullet lineup. 

Nosler Reloading Guide #7 features over 120 cartridges and several informative sections such as “Getting Ready to Reload” for the beginning handloader, to bullet cutaways that explain bullet construction and performance as well as energy and drop tables for more advanced reloaders.   

Each cartridge contains an introduction from an outdoor industry professional explaining the features, benefits and advantages of each particular cartridge.

Reloading Guide #7 will be available in hard copy November 2012 and will be also offered in digital format where the entire manual can be purchased for download.

Every page in the manual is done in full color and is the most comprehensive guide that Nosler has ever produced. Nosler Reloading Guide #7 will prove to be the most important asset on any reloader’s bench.