2015 NoslerCustom Ammunition




Bend, Ore. – January 2015 – NoslerCustom® Handloaded Ammunition is considered by many in the industry to be the “top shelf” choice for the discerning shooter and has grown in 2015 to include the offerings below. 

  • 221 Remington Fireball 35gr BTLF™
  • 222 Remington 35gr BTLF™
  • 257 Weatherby 100gr E-Tip®
  • 260 Remington 120gr E-Tip®
  • 6.5-284 Norma 120gr E-Tip®
  • 264 Winchester Magnum 120gr E-Tip®
  • 26 Nosler 120gr E-Tip®
  • 26 Nosler 130gr AccuBond® 
  • 270 Weatherby 130gr E-Tip®
  • 7mm-08 Remington 140gr E-Tip®
  • 280 Remington 140gr E-Tip®
  • 280 Ackley Improved 140gr Ballistic Tip®
  • 7mm Remington Magnum 150gr E-Tip®
  • 308 Winchester 150gr Ballistic Tip®
  • 300 Holland & Holland 180gr E-Tip®
  • 325 Winchester Short Magnum 180gr Ballistic Tip®
  • 325 Winchester Short Magnum 200gr Partition®

NoslerCustom® Ammunition is hand-loaded by Nosler’s team of expert ballisticians to ensure each and every round is identical to the one before, and after it.  It all begins with Nosler® Brass which is neck sized, deburred and chamfered for proper alignment, ensuring a solid foundation for this precise ammunition.  Every powder charge is meticulously weighed, guaranteeing consistent velocities and performance.  All finished rounds are then visually inspected, polished and hand packaged in hard plastic boxes with all performance data printed on the label.  Ammunition box labels can also be personalized with customer’s name or information at no additional cost.  

Strictly loaded up front with Nosler® AccuBond®, Partition®, E-Tip® and Ballistic Tip® bullets for unrivaled accuracy and dependable terminal performance. Whether it’s a hunt of a lifetime or wisdom gained after a lifetime of hunting, look for NoslerCustom Handloaded Ammunition at either www.MidwayUSA.com or www.Nosler.com.  

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Bend, Ore. – January, 2015 – Nosler® has been in the bullet business for 67 years so when they find a new bullet worthy of being added to their existing product line, they get pretty excited.  The bullets detailed below are exceptional examples of how a component bullet can squeeze even more performance out of a firearm and deservedly belong to the respected class of Nosler® hunting bullets.   

AccuBond® Long Range

The AccuBond® Long Range bullet line is relatively young but it was obvious that a heavier bullet was needed to take full advantage of the large powder capacity of the 26 Nosler® cartridge introduced last year. With a massive ballistic coefficient, this new 6.5mm-142 grain ABLR will provide more energy and less drop at longer ranges than any other bullet in its class and will stabilize in standard 1-9” barrels. 



Nosler’s patent pending E-Tip® bullet is built on a highly concentric structure of monolithic gilding metal, providing unsurpassed penetration and weight retention. The new 55 grain E-Tip® will turn a traditional .22 centerfire varmint cartridge into a bona fide deer rifle. The new .30 caliber, 150gr E-Tip® will also dramatically increase penetration capabilities of the honored 30/30 Winchester. Last but certainly not least, the venerable .338 caliber, 225 grain E-Tip® with a B.C. of .611 and over 95% weight retention offers “heavy” bullet benefits with “lighter” bullet velocities.     


Ballistic Tip®

.458 SOCOM enthusiasts quickly discovered that the Ballistic Tip® Muzzleloader bullet that Nosler® introduced in 2012 was a natural fit for their needs and purposes since both platforms utilize the same caliber and similar muzzle velocities for optimal accuracy and terminal performance. Nosler® has now taken the Ballistic Tip® Muzzleloader bullet and boxed it in component form (sans sabot) for more economical use, benefitting the high volume shooting .458 SOCOM aficionados. 


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Bend, Ore. – January 2, 2015 – One year ago, Nosler introduced their first namesake cartridge to the world. Since then, the 26 Nosler has achieved such renowned success that adding another member to the cartridge family became an obvious decision. Please welcome the 28 Nosler® as the most powerful 7mm cartridge commercially available today.

Ballistic enthusiasts are well aware of the benefits and advantages that 7mm (.284 caliber) bullets have, such as inherently high ballistic coefficients for long range accuracy and minimized wind drift.

The attributes listed above, in partnership with the Nosler bullets and velocities listed below will soon be available in Nosler’s Trophy Grade™ Ammunition. For those looking for the edge in power, velocity and long range performance in 7mm caliber, look no further.

  • Nosler® Trophy Grade™ Ammunition – 160gr AccuBond®            
  • Nosler® Trophy Grade™ LR Ammunition – 175gr AccuBond® LR     

The 28 Nosler® shares the same parent case as the 26 Nosler® as well as the C.O.A.L. of 3.340” allowing this cartridge to be operated in a standard length action for lighter weight and shorter bolt throw when compared to magnum length actions.

Of course, Nosler will be supporting this new cartridge with Nosler® Brass, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition and naturally, their full line of M48 rifles in 26” barrel configurations.   

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SSA by Nosler



Bend, Ore. – January, 2015 – Silver State Armory brass and ammunition will now be offered as a dedicated product line known as SSA by Nosler®. This product line will focus on brass and ammunition specifically tuned for semi-automatic firearms, including the M1 Garand.

SSA Ammunition will be loaded exclusively with Nosler® bullets and held to Nosler’s legendary quality standards for accurate and consistent performance. Whether the intended purpose is for match or varmint shooting, hunting or self-defense, SSA by Nosler® has you covered.

The new SSA product line will also feature new packaging and part numbers for a new look and feel consistent with the Nosler® brand. 



NEW SSA by Nosler® products announced for 2015:



  • 5.56 NATO 55gr. Ballistic Tip®                                                         
  • 5.56 NATO 63gr. Soft Point                                                   
  • 5.56 NATO 77gr. Custom Competition®                                     
  • 6.8 Rem SPC 85gr. E-Tip®                                                     
  • 6.8 Rem SPC 90gr. Bonded Solid Base®                                             
  • 6.8 Rem SPC 110gr. Soft Point                                   
  • 6.8 Rem SPC 110gr. AccuBond®
  • 6.8 Rem SPC 115gr. Custom Competition®                            
  • 300 AAC Blackout 220gr. Ballistic Tip®
  • 308 Win 168gr. Custom Competition®
  • 308 Win 175gr. Custom Competition®
  • 30-06 Springfield 155gr. Custom Competition®


  • 5.56x45 NATO           
  • 243 Winchester           
  • 6.8 Remington SPC
  • 308 Winchester
  • 30-06 Springfield

With the company motto “Quality First,” SSA by Nosler® is 100% American made and will now possess premium component bullets, brass and ammunition for domestic and international customers.  For more information on SSA by Nosler®, please visit www.nosler.com/ssa.   




Nosler® Announces BT® Ammunition

Ammunition for America’s Most Popular Game 

Bend, Ore. – October 13, 2014 – For decades, Nosler’s Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullets have been the most popular, premium projectile among America’s deer, antelope and hog hunters.  That is why it makes perfect sense for Nosler®, Inc. to be introducing their new line of BT® Ammunition, loaded exclusively with their Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullets.

Offered in popular non-magnum hunting cartridges with bullet weights and muzzle velocities that are optimized for maximum effectiveness on deer, antelope and hogs, Nosler BT Ammunition is the ultimate choice for deer and hog hunters alike.

The Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullet line enjoys excellent exterior ballistics such as inherent accuracy and high ballistic coefficient, but it really shines with devastating terminal ballistics. Constructed with a tapered jacket using Nosler’s unique manufacturing process, the Ballistic Tip® bullet has an extremely large impact velocity window of 1800 fps - 3200 fps, providing controlled expansion and reliable performance on medium sized game.  

Ballistic Tip’s legendary bullet performance loaded to Nosler’s high quality ammunition standards while being offered at a reasonable price makes for an easy decision for hunters this fall.   

BT® Hunting Ammunition is available for purchase at Cabela’s, Midway USA, Sportsman’s Warehouse and many others in the new offerings below:

  • 243 Winchester - 90gr. Ballistic Tip®                  
  • 270 Winchester - 140gr. Ballistic Tip®                
  • 7mm-08 Remington - 120gr. Ballistic Tip®       
  • 30-30 Winchester - 150gr. Ballistic Tip®                                           
  • 308 Winchester - 125gr. & 165gr. Ballistic Tip®            
  • 30-06 Springfield - 125gr. & 180gr Ballistic Tip®      

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Nosler Joins Boone & Crockett's Trailblazers in Conservation

Nosler®, Inc. has joined Boone and Crockett Club's "Trailblazers in Conservation" initiative to help the hunting community rise to the challenges of a changing world.

If sporting lifestyles--and the conservation successes long funded through hunting--are to thrive in the future, then today's sportsmen must find a way to balance increased energy development, unmitigated urban sprawl, wildlife disease outbreaks, conflicting policies and a host of other challenges.

Through Trailblazers in Conservation, Nosler is sponsoring the Club's work for better scientific wildlife management, balanced policies, hunter advocacy and broader public understanding of the applications and benefits of sustainable-use conservation.

"History proves it: If Americans want healthy, abundant wildlife in the future, then hunters must have stronger representation in Washington D.C. today," said Marc Mondavi, vice president of communications for the Club. "That's because no one has ever been more effective than hunters at leading and funding conservation."

Mondavi added that Boone and Crockett is uniquely positioned to lead a new charge, since the Club has been shaping sound environmental policy since Theodore Roosevelt founded the organization in 1887. Its members have been instrumental in many milestone conservation measures such as the Pittman-Robertson Act, Lacy Act, federal Duck Stamp program, National Wilderness Preserve Act, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Farm Bills from the 1930's to now, and many others.

In 1946, a true American success story began to unfold when John A. Nosler experienced poor bullet performance on a Canadian moose and decided there must be a better design. Two years later, John started the Nosler Partition Bullet Company in Ashland, Ore. Nearly 70 years later, the Nosler name is still synonymous with leading bullet designs such as their Ballistic Tip® and AccuBond® products. Nosler, Inc. has now grown to include their signature lines of ammunition, rifles and component brass that redefined the industry as well as the ability of hunters to harvest game cleanly, quickly and ethically.

Nosler is proud to support the Boone and Crockett Club because there is a direct correlation between the health of our game populations, and the health of the hunting industry. Without their tireless commitment to conservation, our hunting heritage would most certainly be at risk.

Nosler joins Boyt Harness Co., Buck Knives, Swarovski Optik and Bass Pro Shops as partners in Trailblazers in Conservation. Learn more about the Trailblazers in Conservation corporate sponsorship program by contacting Boone and Crockett at (406) 542-1888, ext. 208, or keith@boone-crockett.org

About the Boone and Crockett Club
North America's first hunting and conservation organization, the Boone and Crockett Club was founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1887. Its mission is to promote the conservation and management of wildlife, especially big game and its habitat, to preserve and encourage hunting and to maintain the highest ethical standards of fair chase and sportsmanship. Join us at www.boone-crockett.org.

Nosler Signs on as Title Sponsor of NRA News Cam & Co Live Daily Talk Show

The three-hour show, hosted by Cam Edwards, features in-depth news and views of the Second Amendment and other freedom-related issues.

Nosler, Inc. and NRA announced today the ammunition manufacturer’s new sponsorship of NRA News Cam & Co. Hosted by popular personality Cam Edwards, NRA News Cam & Co is a daily talk show centered around Second Amendment-related issues.

Each show features coverage of the day’s current events and breaking news, plus lively debate and discussions with special guests including news-makers, lawmakers, law enforcement, celebrities, athletes, Olympians and everyday people with a story to tell.

NRA News Cam & Co airs each weekday and can be seen and heard on a variety of media outlets:

NRANews.com • 2-5 p.m. ET
TV’s The Sportsman Channel • 6-7 p.m. ET
SiriusXM • 9 p.m.-12 a.m. ET (Patriot Plus) & 12-3 a.m. ET (Patriot)
iHeartRadio • Shows on Demand
iTunes • Shows on Demand

Archived segments of each show can also be found on www.NRANews.com

“We’re very excited to partner with the NRA News Cam & Co team,” said Bob Nosler, president and CEO of Nosler. “Anyone who has watched the show knows that Cam Edwards is knowledgeable on the issues and brings his own unique insight to the discussion. His guests — who range from politicians to media to America’s sportsmen and women — have a high appeal for our customer base and gun owners in general. This is just a natural fit for Nosler.”

Cam Edwards couldn't agree more. “Nosler’s company motto is “Quality First” and that just speaks volumes about who they are and what they believe in,” said Edwards. “It’s not just an empty phrase they throw out, it’s the lifeblood of their company and is reflected in their products and work ethic. We're extremely honored to have Nosler as a sponsor and I appreciate their commitment to our mission of providing gun owners with the news they need to know, from a gun owners’ perspective.

The 26 Nosler



Bend, Ore. – November 22, 2013 – Like many shooting enthusiasts, the Nosler family has always dreamed of introducing a new rifle cartridge to the industry; that time is finally here with the arrival of the 26 Nosler® 

The goal of the new 26 Nosler® cartridge was to introduce something to the shooting sports industry that took full advantage of new technology available to shooters including the advance of optics, reticle systems and of course high Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.) bullets such as the AccuBond® Long Range™ line. The old boundaries are about to be pushed to new limits.      

The 26 Nosler® cartridge was designed to take advantage of the inherently accurate and high B.C. 6.5mm (.264) caliber bullets, and is capable of shooting the Nosler® 129 grain, AccuBond® Long Range™ bullet at a blazing 3400 fps out of the muzzle.  Zeroed at 350 yards, the 26 Nosler® has a Point Blank Range of 0-415 yards.  Loaded with the 129gr ABLR, the 26 Nosler® retains as much velocity at 400 yards as the 260 Remington® produces at the muzzle.

The 26 Nosler® case is non-belted, thus headspaced off of the shoulder to further enhance accuracy. The “26” also utilizes a standard (30-06) length action meaning shorter bolt-throw and lighter weight than magnum length actions.   

“I really feel the 26 Nosler® has great value amongst the large family of 6.5mm cartridges.  With minimal recoil, tremendous velocity, energy and the ability to point and shoot at the intended target up to a quarter mile away, this is the quintessential deer, antelope and long-range target cartridge available on the market today.” –Bob Nosler, CEO/President Nosler, Inc. 

The 26 Nosler® is a new and unique cartridge that was submitted to SAAMI® in June, 2013. The formal launch will take place at the 2014 SHOT Show where more exciting news will be released regarding this cartridge. Additional announcements will include Nosler’s new platform rifle, in addition to exciting new bullet, brass and ammunition offerings.

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