Noveske Bullets

John Noveske was a huge fan of the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge, but felt that its effectiveness was limited by unimpressive bullet performance at sub-sonic velocities.  When the original partnership was formed between Nosler and Noveske during the Varmageddon rifle project, the door was opened for creative collaboration between John Noveske and the expert bullet design engineers at Nosler.

John and the Nosler engineers started experimenting with different bullet weights, cavity shapes, and point styles until they came up with the perfect design for a subsonic bullet.



Subsonic Glow Tip Bullet

  •  Engineered specifically for 300 AAC Blackout
  •  Round Nosed polymer tip for smooth feeding
  •  Ballistic Glow Tip for easy identification in low light
  •  Controlled and reliable expansion at subsonic velocities
  •  Black nickel plating for smooth feeding
  •  Double diameter bullet expansion
  •  Stealth mode friendly

The new Noveske 30 caliber-220 grain Subsonic bullet is designed to provide controlled and consistent expansion with reliable penetration at subsonic velocities.  It also features a glow in the dark polymer tip which gives off a green glow after being charged with light.  This feature allows for easy identification of loaded rounds in low or zero-light environments.



Impact Velocity

Impact Velocity:  1000 fps
Penetration:  18”
Weight Retention:  93%
Expansion:  2x



Noveske Bullet Product Line



Caliber:  30
Diameter:  .308
Bullet Weight:  220 grain
Bullet Style:  Round Nose
Part #:  31612
SD:  0.331
OAL:  1.420