Nosler Custom Handgun (NCH)

The Model 48 Nosler Custom Handgun™ is the ultimate precision bolt-action handgun. Built on a one-piece, billet aluminum stock, the mid-grip stock provides a completely rigid platform for the bedded action and free-floated barrel. Designed from the ground up by the engineers at Nosler with input from some of the most successful handgun hunters alive today, the M48 NCH™ is the answer to handgun hunters’ dreams. Each NCH™ is machined and built from US made parts by the accomplished gunsmiths at the Nosler Rifle division in Bend, Oregon.


Built on the rugged Nosler Model 48 short action, the NCH™ shares all of the same features that have made the Model 48 series of rifles a continued success. The NCH™ is available in a variety of short action calibers well-suited to varminting, silhouette shooting, and hunting big game. Options and customizations allow the owner to make their NCH™ unique to their own personal taste and style. When ordering the NCH™, customers have a choice of barrel length, Cerakote® colors, optional muzzle brake, fluted or non-fluted barrel, as well as caliber.

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