357 Remington Maximum
Handgun Cartridge



The 357 Maximum was developed primarily as a silhouette round. Because of the velocities that can be achieved with the Maximum, our 158 grain Sporting Handgun Revolver bullet is a great choice for hunting. It will expand well on deer and antelope sized game out to 150 yards.

This cartridge performs best with very slow burning powders and a heavy roll crimp to help achieve consistent ignition. When we load for the Maximum, we use the following steps:

  • Seat the bullet to where you can just see the top edge of the cannelure.
  • Adjust your crimp so that the case mouth is deforming the ridges in the cannelure and biting all the way to the bottom of the groove.

The Maximum actually uses small rifle primers rather than small pistol magnum primers.
This is because of its long powder column and higher working pressures.




Loaded for 357 Remington Maximum

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Designed for Loading & Reloading 357 Remington Maximum


Sporting Handgun Revolver Bullet

  • 38 Caliber 158 Grain