41 Remington Magnum
Handgun Cartridge



The 41 Magnum, like the 44 Magnum, is best loaded with slower burning powders like A-No.9, H110, and W296. All of these powders require a heavy roll crimp to help achieve consistent ignition.

We have had great results with the following procedure:

  • Seat the bullet to where you can just see the top edge of the cannelure.
  • Adjust your crimp so that the case mouth is deforming the ridges in the cannelure and biting all the way to the bottom of the groove.


Nosler Ammunition

Loaded for 41 Remington Magnum

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Nosler Bullets

Designed for Loading & Reloading 41 Remington Magnum


Sporting Handgun Revolver Bullet

  • 41 Caliber 210 Grain