Ammunition Loading Technician



This position as an Ammunition Loading Technician begins as an “Introductory Trainee” for 60 consecutive days during which time Supervisory staff will evaluate whether the employee is suited for the position. If the employee is determined to be suitable for the job, status will then advance to “Regular Employee” on the first of the month following the 60-day introductory period and Company benefits will commence. (Refer to Benefit Summary sheet inside application).

Additionally, the successful applicant will be required to pass a pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check. Starting hourly rate is $12.00 to $13.00 D.O.E.


Must be a High School graduate (or equivalent) and possess good math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In addition, must be able to write clearly and communicate with ease. Mechanical aptitude is essential. Excellent eyesight with or without correction is required. Familiarity and/or experience with reloading, ballistics, and weapons may be considered but is not required. Exceptional attention to detail and the ability to complete daily work is required. The applicant should possess the ability to change and adapt to any situation and be able to change their work focus at any time. The successful applicant must be very self-directed and show a proven track record of staying on task and working hard at all times.

Working conditions require great mobility. Must be able to consistently move/maneuver weights of 35 to 75 pounds and occasionally lift weights of 35 to 45 pounds. Other physical aspects require bending, stooping, squatting and standing on concrete floors, and doing so for long periods at a time.


  • Operate brass preparation machine and brass weigh sorter.
  • Set up loading machines, test loads in Ballistics, load production quantities of ammunition, inspect, package, and label finished product.
  • Become familiar with monthly and year-end inventory processes.
  • Occasional setup, repair, and light maintenance of machinery is required, thus the position requires a familiarity of basic hand tools and mechanical concepts.
  • Must be committed to maintaining a clean work environment and be able to keep accurate records of daily work.
  • Teamwork is essential: employee must be able to work in a team environment under repetitive conditions.


Nosler, Inc. has a “Standard of Excellence” code. The company expects all its personnel to maintain a neat and clean appearance. As part of this commitment, we reserve the right to expect all male personnel to follow our guidelines regarding hair length which is not to exceed one inch below the collar line. Pony tails or longer hair is not authorized. Mustaches and beards are allowed but must be kept neatly trimmed. At no time are watches, jewelry, (includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings of any sort) or visible body piercing permitted to be worn by male or female personnel while on duty.

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