AccuBond Long Range - Amazing!

First of all I would like to say thank you for making such an amazing product!  Your AccuBond Long Range bullets have changed the way I shoot, I use these bullets in my:

270 WBY (129 gr),
7mm WBY (175 gr),
7mm STW (150 gr),
300 WBY (210 gr)
and my custom build 6.5x300 wby (129 gr).

I load all my own ammo now days and I use a lot of different powders, brass, and primers, but I will not use any other bullet! No exceptions!

My groups size is tighter than it's ever been and my effective shooting range is beyond belief.  In the field I have never encountered a game animal too far to harvest!

Thanks again for an amazing product and I hope to see an extended product list someday soon!

Robert D.
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