Nosler Bonded Solid Base Bullet Success

I am writing to share a story of success resulting from the use of the .224 cal 64 gr Bonded Performance bullet.

Summer two years ago. My daughter told me she wanted to hunt with me. So I worked up a 22-250 Rem load for her using this bullet, H-414, and WLR primers. This load runs about 3800 fps with 1/2 - 3/4 MOA accuracy from my Ruger 77 varmint rifle. Recoil is minimal as expected.

Last season, on the first day of Youth season in Texas she delivered perfect shot placement on a small button buck who traveled 20 yards before piling up. This year she used the same rifle with the same load to take a big doe on the first evening of Youth season.

That's two deer, two shots, in two years. Zero recovered bullets of course. For states where .224 cal is legal for hunting, the 64gr Bonded Performance is the bullet by which all others are judged. I chose this bullet for her to give her the margin of safety on a less than perfect shot, but the precision the bullet offers allows for very precise shot placement.

I have a good photo of my daughter with her deer from last year and this year if you want to see them.

Thanks for the ideal .224 bullet.

Paul Y.