Perfect Nilgai Hunting Ammunition

Trophy Grade 7mm Rem Mag 160gr AB Report

Thank you so much for sending me the above ammo for my South Texas Nilgai hunt. It was a huge success.  My friend and I both used this same ammo and dropped a bull (420 lbs.) and a cow (310 lbs.) over a distance of 225 yds!

Wow, what a performing bullet!

Since it just took one shot each, guess I have some ammo left!

I also ordered your 150 gr. E-Tip.  That also is a "wow" performer, as it took down a feral hog (120 lbs.) and a cull buck, (white tale, 115 lbs.). Both were within a 100 yds., but the animals both dropped in their tracks.

Guess I'll be staying with these 2 cartridges for my 7mm Rem Mag.

Thanks again,




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