Customer Feedback: African Plains Game Hunt

AccuBond Customer Success

I would like to express my appreciation for the product I purchased and used on my African plains game hunt. I used your 180 grain AccuBond Bullets in my 30-06 at 2800 fps.

The performance of the bullets was nothing short of exceptional. I was able to successfully stalk and cleanly take 10 animals, including impala, Warthog x2, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Oryx, Kudu, lechwe, red hartebeest cow and a huge Eland bull.

There were only 3 animals that received follow up shots: 1 Warthog, Oryx and red hartebeest, these were due to my shot placement and would have been fatal anyway, however I chose to end any suffering as quickly as possible.

The damage done to the Eland was phenomenal with the recovered projectile resting against the inside of the off side shoulder, the chest cavity was a bucket of slop and he ran 20 yards dead on his feet.

This performance really impressed me and I thank you for your product and the time and research that goes into them.

Scott C.
African Game Hunter