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Best Ammunition I have found. I have bedded the stock on my Savage 110e, 270 Cal. At 100 yards placed 3 rounds within 1/4 inch. At 200 yards, placed 3 rounds within 1 inch, dead center. I have tried all the competitors and did not have the accuracy I achieved with the Nosler. Just placed an order for more ammo. Try this ammo, it's amazing. -Mark

Trophy Grade Ammunition Produces Results

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I just wanted to take a second to compliment you on the performance of your Trophy Grade Ammunition.  I started using Nosler factory loaded ammunition when I first found it up here in Canada a couple of years ago.  I used the 30-06 round factory loaded with 150g partitions on Moose, Caribou and Muskox with great success.  I consistently got through penetration on Alaska / Yukon Moose with this round.  I also noticed it was extremely accurate and consistent, cutting group size to less than half of a mainstream competitors loading.  


Just this year, I started using the 180g AccuBond load in my 30-06. I gravitated towards this round for the advertised increased BC.  I was not disappointed in the performance either.  I have gotten consistent through penetration on broadside shoulder shots on a Muskox with the 180g AccuBond, which anyone who hunts these thick-hide animals knows is no joke.  I recovered both an AccuBond and a Partition after the hunt and visually they look superb.

Thank you for making such a great product, and please keep up the good work.

Duncan M.


Nosler Defense Handgun Ammunition

Nosler Defense Handgun Ammunition

Nosler Defense Handgun Ammunition is a modern defense ammunition.  Loaded with the finest bullets in the world.  Some of the reasons why this ammunition is by far superior to older defensive ammunition was written by James Tarr in his Article: 6 Reasons Why Modern Defensive Ammo is Better Than Ever.  We have outlined some of the factors below described by James Tarr, that easily makes the case of why your next handgun ammunition purchase should be Nosler:

  1. The FBI Ballistic Test Protocol
  2. Better Powders
  3. Better Bullets
  4. Better Quality Control
  5. +P Ammunition