Did you see the Keefe Report on the 22 Nosler?

Photo Courtesy of American Rifleman | americanrifleman.org

Photo Courtesy of American Rifleman | americanrifleman.org


Mark Keefe on January 26, 2017 published his article "The Keefe Report: Go Small or Go Home - 22 Nosler" on American Rifleman.

Mark explains the 22 Nosler and gives some great details on the new cartridge.

"If you can drop a magazine and field strip an AR, you can turn your existing AR into a 22 Nosler." ~ Mark Keefe

"While there are other hard-hitting cartridges that exist for the platform, as far as .22 caliber is concerned, nothing compares to the performance of our newly engineered 22 Nosler case." ~ John Nosler


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Recommended Article - Guns Magazine

Guns Magazine recently published "T/C’s Venerable Single-Shot Pistol In .338 Federal Can Handle Rifle Chores With Portability-Plus!" This article was written by Mark Hampton.  A Nosler recommended article.

Photo Courtesy of gunsmagazine.com

Photo Courtesy of gunsmagazine.com

Nosler’s 180 was only recovered from the oryx and hartebeest with perfect mushroom performance
— Mark Hampton

In the article Mark shares his handgun hunting experiences with an Encore.  Included is a huge Livingstone Eland, taken with a Nosler AccuBond up front.