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Customer Feedback:

I recently bought my first Nosler rifle and I could not be more satisfied and impressed! Design, fit, finish and function are all flawless. I love the way the color of the Cerakote perfectly matches Leupold products. I threw together some handloads for barrel break in and in the three shot phase it shot groups of 0.4 - 0.5 MOA! There is so much junk on the market, some of it quite pricey, and it is so nice to find a quality hunting rifle.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Dan B.


Exploring Nosler Rifles


American Rifleman Aaron Carter explores how Nosler builds their rifles.  This video produced some time ago, features our former Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle which is no longer in production.  The video also features some procedures that have been upgraded.

Nosler year after year continues to make improvements to our manufacturing process as well as quality that go into our production and custom rifles.

This video includes interviews, Nosler rifle building process, as well as accuracy results.  Too good to pass up!

RifleShooter reviews the Patriot Rifle

Patriot Rifle


Built on Nosler’s own custom action, fit with a premium, match-grade, hand-lapped stainless barrel, and bedded into a lightweight Aramid-fiber stock, the M48 Patriot is as fine a hunting rifle as you can obtain south of two grand. Sure, that’s a lot, but when you consider that it offers guaranteed sub M.O.A. accuracy, has a hand-tuned match-grade trigger, is Cerakoted to make it impervious to moisture and wear, and comes in just about any caliber you can think of, you’ll realize it’s worth it. I’ve used an M48 with extraordinary success at long range, consistently hitting deer-vital-size targets out to 800 yards. Weight: 6 lbs., 12 oz. to 7 lbs., 8 oz. depending on caliber.



RifleShooter:  Great Big Game Rifles

I haven’t used the 26 Nosler yet, but Mike McNett from DoubleTap ammo has used it extensively and tells me that it hits like the hammer of Thor. Nosler’s Patriot is a semi-custom rifle that comes with an MOA guarantee and weighs in under 8 pounds when chambered in Nosler’s screaming 6.5mm. A match stainless barrel, pillar-bedded action, good trigger and weather-resistant Cerakote finish are all strong features in a rifle in this price range. The rifles aren’t due to ship until the end of this year but they are worth putting on your radar if the idea of the 26 Nosler blows your skirt up.