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Moose Hunting with a Partition?  That is a great idea!

John Nosler Moose Hunting

Customer Testimonial:

I have been loading your bullets for quite some time now and I just wanted to take a moment and applaud you for your products.  Every time I use them I've become more impressed.  Your partitions are quickly becoming my go to projectile anytime I'm loading for a hunt. They'll be the only bullet I take with me on a Moose hunt in three weeks time. ~ Craig S. 

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Never Fired a Second Shot in 28 Years


I use the 100 grain Partition in an old Ruger #1 .257 Roberts @ 3000fps and have never in 28 years fired a second shot on whitetail deer. 

The same great results on everything else I shoot with the 250 Partition in my .338 Winchester Magnum. 

I also use the 168 Custom Competitions in a heavy .300 Winchester Magnum to shoot great groups out to 600 yards.
If your rifle likes the Partition there's no better hunting bullet.

~ Bret N.
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“My grandfather (the late John A. Nosler) hand-turned each one of these on a lathe, and my grandmother would have packed this box and put the label on.”

CEO John R. Nosler



Read the full account of the story by John Zent on NRA American Hunter, when I customer walked up to the both at Safari Club International this year with the above box in hand.