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I was just writing to tell you how happy I am with Nosler AccuBonds.  I have 3 different calibers I use them in. 257 Weatherby, 7mm Remington Ultra Mag, and 375 H and H.  

I have hunted pronghorn, elk, whitetail, coyote, and pigs with them. They are devastating. I have had more one shot drops with this bullet than any other.

I reload for all of those rifles and have decided that the Accubond is best.  It is my preferred bullet.  Thank you for producing a quality bullet that I can trust for accuracy and performance every time!

John B.

Eugene's Success Story

Dear Nolser!  

Thank you for another successful hunt.  My dad and I got back deer hunting is South Carolina.  My dad got a small Buck using the AccuBond Long Range bullet.  He hit the Buck right in the shoulder blades and dropped the animal, broke both shoulder blades.

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The Accubond LR did exactly as advertised.


I got a Doe using your Nosler model 48 Custom rifle in 270 WSM.  I was using the 140 gr AccuBond bullet. It was a difficult shot in the fleeting light of dusk and at 150 yards away I took the shot.  Hit the Doe right in the shoulder blades.  The bullet entered and hit the shoulder blade and started to open up.  The bullet hit the heart and on the way out hit the ball and socket joint or heavy bone and exited the Doe.

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The Doe just fell over, right in it's tracks!  


Thank you again for making this fine rifle.  I have taken 5 deer with this rifle!  Every deer needing only one shot and 4 out of 5 done in by hydrostatic shock of the bullet placed exactly where I was aiming!

- Eugene C.

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Eugene, Thank you for using Nosler and choosing the right equipment for your hunting experiences! ~ Nosler


More Impressed Every time!

Moose Hunting with a Partition?  That is a great idea!

John Nosler Moose Hunting

Customer Testimonial:

I have been loading your bullets for quite some time now and I just wanted to take a moment and applaud you for your products.  Every time I use them I've become more impressed.  Your partitions are quickly becoming my go to projectile anytime I'm loading for a hunt. They'll be the only bullet I take with me on a Moose hunt in three weeks time. ~ Craig S. 

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A Beautiful Match

26 Nosler Liberty Rifle and
Ammunition loaded with a AccuBond 

Trophy Ram Hunt

Trophy Ram taken at 110 yards in the Yukon with a 26 Nosler Liberty Rifle and a 140 grain AccuBond.



Customer Testimonial:

Love your products.  I also have a 26 Nosler along with my 6.5 Wby.  I am just a gun nut.  Love your AccuBond bullets.  Also love my 26 Nosler!!  Thanks again.  - Ricky D.


Customer Feedback: African Plains Game Hunt

AccuBond Customer Success

I would like to express my appreciation for the product I purchased and used on my African plains game hunt. I used your 180 grain AccuBond Bullets in my 30-06 at 2800 fps.

The performance of the bullets was nothing short of exceptional. I was able to successfully stalk and cleanly take 10 animals, including impala, Warthog x2, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Oryx, Kudu, lechwe, red hartebeest cow and a huge Eland bull.

There were only 3 animals that received follow up shots: 1 Warthog, Oryx and red hartebeest, these were due to my shot placement and would have been fatal anyway, however I chose to end any suffering as quickly as possible.

The damage done to the Eland was phenomenal with the recovered projectile resting against the inside of the off side shoulder, the chest cavity was a bucket of slop and he ran 20 yards dead on his feet.

This performance really impressed me and I thank you for your product and the time and research that goes into them.

Scott C.
African Game Hunter

Trophy Grade Ammunition Produces Results

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I just wanted to take a second to compliment you on the performance of your Trophy Grade Ammunition.  I started using Nosler factory loaded ammunition when I first found it up here in Canada a couple of years ago.  I used the 30-06 round factory loaded with 150g partitions on Moose, Caribou and Muskox with great success.  I consistently got through penetration on Alaska / Yukon Moose with this round.  I also noticed it was extremely accurate and consistent, cutting group size to less than half of a mainstream competitors loading.  


Just this year, I started using the 180g AccuBond load in my 30-06. I gravitated towards this round for the advertised increased BC.  I was not disappointed in the performance either.  I have gotten consistent through penetration on broadside shoulder shots on a Muskox with the 180g AccuBond, which anyone who hunts these thick-hide animals knows is no joke.  I recovered both an AccuBond and a Partition after the hunt and visually they look superb.

Thank you for making such a great product, and please keep up the good work.

Duncan M.


Nosler Has Always Done the Job


After reloading different brands of bullets, Nosler has out preformed the others. They are accurate and consistent for the price! I have taken multiple animals with different calibers and Nosler has always done the job! This is the only brand I shoot through my firearms.

Adam J.

AccuBonds are the best bullets I have ever loaded. Very accurate and one shot drops.

Nick M.

I started using the 160 gr, 7mm AccuBonds about 5 years ago in my 280 Remington.  Since that time, I have harvested 15 deer in two states at ranges ranging from 200 to 450 yards with 15 bullets, flawless performance.

Adam B.

My go to hunting round in 308 and 30-06. Had clean exit wounds on every cow elk I've ever shot, with plenty of stopping power, and consistent accuracy.  Can't say that for other big name brands *cough*

Kyle C.


When it comes to Bullets, is there any other choice?  Nosler


Never Fired a Second Shot in 28 Years


I use the 100 grain Partition in an old Ruger #1 .257 Roberts @ 3000fps and have never in 28 years fired a second shot on whitetail deer. 

The same great results on everything else I shoot with the 250 Partition in my .338 Winchester Magnum. 

I also use the 168 Custom Competitions in a heavy .300 Winchester Magnum to shoot great groups out to 600 yards.
If your rifle likes the Partition there's no better hunting bullet.

~ Bret N.
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Reloading Data Resources

Just want to say your Load Data section of Nosler's web site is by far the best available.

Out of the 5 calibers that I load for, Nosler's identified most accurate powder proved correct for my situation. I may have been lucky but you also provide the best loads for other powders tested.

There is an abundant amount of information for people who reload like myself. I always start with your data because it saves time and effort. Lastly, technical support has always been most helpful.

Robert C.
Online Submission

26 Nosler Reloading Data Chart


Check out Nosler's Online Load Data:


Perfect Nilgai Hunting Ammunition

Trophy Grade 7mm Rem Mag 160gr AB Report

Thank you so much for sending me the above ammo for my South Texas Nilgai hunt. It was a huge success.  My friend and I both used this same ammo and dropped a bull (420 lbs.) and a cow (310 lbs.) over a distance of 225 yds!

Wow, what a performing bullet!

Since it just took one shot each, guess I have some ammo left!

I also ordered your 150 gr. E-Tip.  That also is a "wow" performer, as it took down a feral hog (120 lbs.) and a cull buck, (white tale, 115 lbs.). Both were within a 100 yds., but the animals both dropped in their tracks.

Guess I'll be staying with these 2 cartridges for my 7mm Rem Mag.

Thanks again,




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Trophy Grade Ammunition vs Trophy Moose

Customer Hunting Story

Hello, I just saw your ad in the winter 2015 issue of Fair Chase, the Boone and Crockett Club magazine.  The ad pushed me to send you this note on a recent hunt my wife and I were on.

The short story is my wife got one of only 100 New Brunswick non-resident moose tags in 2015.  She shoots a 270 WSM and I wanted a bonded bullet for her moose hunt.  I chose your 140 grain AccuBond Trophy Grade Ammunition.

Trophy Moose Story

Opening morning she made a perfect 125 yard shot on a trophy class bull.

It scores 195 0/8 inches for Boone and Crockett, placing it on the all time list for Canadian Moose.

It was also scored for the New Brunswick Big Game records and is the current #8 bull, all time, #1 by a non-resident, #1 by a woman, and was the largest bull scored by their club for 2015.

Thank you for making a great performing product!

Scott H.

Trophy Moose and Customer


Do you have an awesome hunting story using Nosler products?  We would love to hear it!  You can email with your story and pictures.  If your story is selected you could be the next hunter featured on!