2015 Nosler Veterans

Nosler 2015 Veterans

Hiring veterans isn’t just a patriotic act, it’s smart business and integral to our success here at Nosler. American veterans don’t merely make for good employees. Often times, they’re the very best.

They’re goal-driven leaders, team players, disciplined and confident. They make smart decisions under pressure and deliver results. Integrity, honesty, loyalty and a strong work ethic are cornerstones of their character— all crucial qualifications required of the entire Nosler team.

We urge American organizations to recognize the tremendous value these brave individuals bring to the workforce and continue to hire them as they re-enter civilian life, which more often than not, is a challenging transition.

Today, we celebrate the brave men and women who have served this great country by honoring our own. From our CEO Bob Nosler and members of our corporate staff, to our machinists and dedicated production team producing Nosler bullets, rifles and ammunition— thank you for working with us. The honor is ours to have you here.