Bend, Ore. – January, 2015 – Nosler® has been in the bullet business for 67 years so when they find a new bullet worthy of being added to their existing product line, they get pretty excited.  The bullets detailed below are exceptional examples of how a component bullet can squeeze even more performance out of a firearm and deservedly belong to the respected class of Nosler® hunting bullets.   

AccuBond® Long Range

The AccuBond® Long Range bullet line is relatively young but it was obvious that a heavier bullet was needed to take full advantage of the large powder capacity of the 26 Nosler® cartridge introduced last year. With a massive ballistic coefficient, this new 6.5mm-142 grain ABLR will provide more energy and less drop at longer ranges than any other bullet in its class and will stabilize in standard 1-9” barrels. 



Nosler’s patent pending E-Tip® bullet is built on a highly concentric structure of monolithic gilding metal, providing unsurpassed penetration and weight retention. The new 55 grain E-Tip® will turn a traditional .22 centerfire varmint cartridge into a bona fide deer rifle. The new .30 caliber, 150gr E-Tip® will also dramatically increase penetration capabilities of the honored 30/30 Winchester. Last but certainly not least, the venerable .338 caliber, 225 grain E-Tip® with a B.C. of .611 and over 95% weight retention offers “heavy” bullet benefits with “lighter” bullet velocities.     


Ballistic Tip®

.458 SOCOM enthusiasts quickly discovered that the Ballistic Tip® Muzzleloader bullet that Nosler® introduced in 2012 was a natural fit for their needs and purposes since both platforms utilize the same caliber and similar muzzle velocities for optimal accuracy and terminal performance. Nosler® has now taken the Ballistic Tip® Muzzleloader bullet and boxed it in component form (sans sabot) for more economical use, benefitting the high volume shooting .458 SOCOM aficionados. 


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