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How We Build Our Rifles


Top quality rifles are nothing new to the staff at Nosler. We have been chambering barrels and assembling barreled actions to test the accuracy of our bullets for over 60 years. Along the way, we have built some outstanding hunting rifles, and gained a significant amount of know-how. This experience has allowed us to create what we believe is the premier, all-weather hunting rifle. We build rifles out of a passion for shooting and hunting, and just like our bullets, we build them right.


A High degree of rifle accuracy comes from the manner in which the parts are assembled, but equally important is the quality of the parts used. Match-grade barrels, custom triggers, premium wood and synthetic stocks, CNC machined actions and internal components—everything we use is of the highest quality.

Nosler rifles are built by hand by our skilled team of experienced gunsmiths. Every detail is worked and adjusted for perfect function and fit prior to installation.  Each action is pressure proofed prior to assembly to ensure it meets industry standards. Finally, a stringent fit and function inspection is completed prior to shipment.



Nosler Action

The foundation of our rifles is the Nosler® action, a tremendously strong and mechanically precise platform designed for rugged reliability in the field while providing bench-rest accuracy. When designing the action, our engineers and ballistics team incorporated features from some the most reliable and accurate rifles used by military's and sportsmen worldwide. The Nosler® action is not necessarily a revolutionary design concept, but rather a conglomeration of the best features of several bolt-action designs. All tolerances are held to very exacting and precise standards to ensure optimal accuracy through perfect dimensions and alignment to the bore, while still maintaining functionality in field conditions. All Nosler® actions are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

  1. The Nosler Model 48 action is contoured to accommodate any standard 2-piece scope base that would otherwise fit a Remington® 700™ rifle. NC actions feature integral Leupold® QR™ scope bases.
  2. Custom, hand-tuned trigger set to a crisp 3-4 lb pull.
  3. Side mounted rocker safety.
  4. A heavy-duty square bottom integral recoil lug mates with a recoil lug bedded into the stock for a uniform and consistent distribution of energy during firing.
  5. Every action is blueprinted and trued after heat-treating to ensure perfect dimensions and alignment.
  6. A groove is machined into the right hand bolt locking lug that mates perfectly with a rib in the receiver to resist binding during operation.
  7. Every action is proof tested to ensure it can handle over-pressured rounds in the unlikely event of an accident.


  1. Bolt handles and bodies are precision CNC machined and heat treated for strength and rigidity.
  2. Bolt bodies are fluted to resist binding in harsh field conditions.
  3. An integrated, spring-loaded AR-15 style extractor provides reliable feeding and extraction on even the most stubborn cases.
  4. Large pressure vents in the bolt are designed to help dissipate gases away from the shooter’s face in the unlikely event of a case rupture. These vents also allow for quick and easy field cleaning with minimal equipment.
  5. The firing pin and pin spring are coated with MicroSlick™, a dry film lubricant that reduces friction and wear.
  6. To disassemble the bolt, simply twist the cocking piece and firing pin 90 degrees by hand, for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance in the field.
  7. A recessed bolt-face that fits into a counter-bored barrel provides additional support to the barrel shank and action for tremendous strength around the cartridge base.
  8. Hand-lapped locking lugs provide a smooth and precise lock-up for optimum accuracy and alignment to the barrel.




Nosler Barrels


Nosler rifles are fitted with premium, hand-lapped, match grade barrels. These barrels are button rifled and held to extremely tight tolerances for unrivaled accuracy. Each barrel features an 11 degree target crown to protect the rifling from damage and is proudly made in the United States of America.

  1. Hand-lapped
  2. 11 Degree recessed Target crown to protect from damage
  3. Magnum weight barrels measure .650” at the muzzle (Slight variations occur depending upon caliber)
  4. Sporter weight barrels measure .600” (Slight variations occur depending upon caliber)


Nosler Stocks

The stocks chosen for our rifles are designed for natural shouldering and point of aim while maintaining classic lines and comfortable recoil dispersion. Synthetic stocks are lightweight and provide consistent performance under harsh conditions, while the wood stocks feature a hand-rubbed oil finish for durability, easy maintenance and a warm, traditional feel. Nosler actions are glass and pillar bedded by hand to their stock to ensure there is a perfect match between components for the utmost accuracy and support. Each stock is fitted with a soft, 1”® recoil pad and standard quick-detach sling swivel studs.


M48 Patriot, and Outfitter models are fitted with an aramid fiber reinforced composite stock that is both lightweight and extremely durable. An aluminum core provides a consistent foundation to support the Nosler barreled action for exceptional accuracy.


Model 48 Custom stocks are made of hand-laid Kevlar® and Carbon Fiber and feature the Nosler® C2™ finish that resists abrasion, intrusive weather, and cleaning chemicals.

A textured finish provides a solid grip in cold or wet conditions.

Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pads are installed on all stocks.

All barrels are fully free floated.

Actions are glass and pillar bedded.


Wood stocks feature 20 line per inch checkering to ensure a sure grip in any condition.


Wood stocks are hand-oiled for beauty and durability.



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