A Professional's Experience with the Liberty Rifle

Photo Courtesy of Sportsmansnews.com

Photo Courtesy of Sportsmansnews.com

Mike Deming, President of Sportsman’s News and a US Marine Veteran recently made his Professional Pick, The Nosler Liberty Rifle.  Mike states

“Thanks to Nosler and the Model 48 Liberty rifle, everyday shooters without the deep pockets can now own a rifle that shoots consistent MOA groups with factory ammo and have a guarantee behind it.”

Mike details his experiences in his recent article “Pro’s Picks: Nosler Model 48 Liberty Rifle” describing the look and feel of the rifle, the rifle break in procedure and the accuracy he attained.  

To top it all off Mr. Deming also provides a great hunting story, about a Texas hunting trip that featured hunting free range Aoudad.  Mike makes a great shot to fill his tag; you can read more at:

…their most well-known calibers and cartridges that are setting the world on fire are the .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler and .30 Nosler, which are all powerhouse cartridges capable of taking down anything North America has to hunt.
— Mike Deming