Nosler Sponsored Shooter Tommy Thacker Wins at Rockcastle

Nosler sponsored shooter and Timney Triggers Pro shooter, Tommy “TommyGun” Thacker pulled in another win at the 2016 Rockcastle Pro-Am 3 Gun Championships in the open division August 21 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Kentucky.

Thacker was up against some great competitors but in the end, his times and scores remained on top of the field. Due to a particularly fast run on stage two, known as “Better Count ‘Em”, where Thacker topped the field by a margin of more than 12% allowing him to take hold of the lead and remain on top of the leaderboard.

Thacker, one of 3 Gun Nation’s most successful competitors, was shooting Nosler’s Match Grade and Varmageddon rifle and pistol ammunition chambered in 223 Rem and 9mm Luger which gave him the edge he needed for the victory.

Thacker stated, “Accuracy and speed is what is takes to win these days and my Nosler ammo gives me that edge needed to be Out Front!” 



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Nosler Awarded Company of the Year

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Bob Nosler - President / CEO of Nosler Inc.

Bob Nosler - President / CEO of Nosler Inc.


Sporting Classics recently held their 15th annual Awards of Excellence, which salutes the “best of the best”, which are companies and individuals whose products and services are having a significant and long-lasting impact on our sporting lives.

Winner of Sporting Classics 2015 Company of the Year is awarded to Nosler Inc.

Sporting Classics cited Nosler as a company built on a legacy of innovation.  As well as Nosler’s legacy, Sporting Classics named innovations such as the Partition bullet, Nosler Rifles, AccuBond Long Range Bullets, as well as the Nosler cartridge family the 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler and 30 Nosler.

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