The New Long Range Rifle!


The New Nosler Model 48 Long Range Rifle

  • Built on the Nosler M48 custom action
  • Removable muzzle brake and thread protector
  • Free floating 26" Shilen stainless steel barrel
  • Manners MCS-T Elite Tac carbon fiber stock
  • 3lb Timney trigger
  • Cerakote all-weather finish
  • Glass and aluminum pillar bedding
  • Guaranteed M.O.A. accuracy w/ prescribed Nosler ammo

Offered in the Following Cartridges:

  • 6.5 Creed
  • 26 Nosler
  • 28 Nosler
  • 300 Win Mag
  • 30 Nosler
  • 33 Nosler

Custom Rifles / Liberty Rifles / Heritage Rifles on Sale!


2-2-2 Rifle Sale | Custom - Liberty - Heritage Rifles

November 18th - December 2nd

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Unique Pre-Built Custom Rifles in a variety of configurations
All in stock Liberty and Heritage Rifles

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*Priced as Marked
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*No Additional Rifle Modifications Available
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Fall Rifle Sale Conditions:

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* Price is limited to quantity on hand
* No additional discounts available


A Professional's Experience with the Liberty Rifle

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Mike Deming, President of Sportsman’s News and a US Marine Veteran recently made his Professional Pick, The Nosler Liberty Rifle.  Mike states

“Thanks to Nosler and the Model 48 Liberty rifle, everyday shooters without the deep pockets can now own a rifle that shoots consistent MOA groups with factory ammo and have a guarantee behind it.”

Mike details his experiences in his recent article “Pro’s Picks: Nosler Model 48 Liberty Rifle” describing the look and feel of the rifle, the rifle break in procedure and the accuracy he attained.  

To top it all off Mr. Deming also provides a great hunting story, about a Texas hunting trip that featured hunting free range Aoudad.  Mike makes a great shot to fill his tag; you can read more at:

…their most well-known calibers and cartridges that are setting the world on fire are the .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler and .30 Nosler, which are all powerhouse cartridges capable of taking down anything North America has to hunt.
— Mike Deming

Nosler M48 Liberty Rifle - Video Review


Sportsman’s News – The official publication of Sportsman’s Warehouse recently published a review of the M48 Liberty Production rifle.  Watch the above video for complete details.

Read the full article at:
Rifles carried at your local Sportsman's Warehouse



Add a Liberty to your rifle collection:



M48 Liberty Rifles in Stock and Ready to Ship:

270 Winchester
28 Nosler
30-06 Springfield
300 Winchester Magnum

or Pre-Order a Liberty in your favorite caliber.


The Nosler Custom Rifle & Production Rifle Warranty

Nosler Rifles Logo

Did you know when you choose Nosler for your rifle needs, we have you covered! Every Nosler rifle comes with the Nosler Rifle Warranty. 

The warranty covers both Custom Rifles and Production Rifles.


Nosler Custom Rifle

Custom Rifles

M48 Custom Rifle
Nosler Custom Rifle (NCR) LE


M48 Liberty Rifle

Production Rifles

M48 Liberty Rifle
M48 Heritage Rifle
M48 Outfitter Rifle
M48 Long-Range Rifle



Nosler Rifle Warranty

I.  Given Proper Care, your Nosler Rifle will provide a lifetime of service. We will review all warranty claims on a case by case basis to determine the cause of an issue.  Any defects in materials or workmanship discovered within 5 years of the original purchase date will be corrected by Nosler free from charge.  

Any repairs needed as a result of customer negligence, wear from normal usage, or abuse can be repaired by Nosler staff for minimal cost, a listing of standard repair charges is available upon request.

The Nosler Rifle Warranty will become void if the firearm is found altered in any way.  If a warranty issue is suspected, please contact Nosler Customer Support.


II.  All Nosler Rifles carry a guarantee for accuracy performance.  We will support that guarantee for 30 days after the rifle has been picked up, provided the following criteria are met:

a. The rifle is fitted with a high quality rifle scope.

b. The rifle is fired using the prescribed Nosler Ammunition.

c. The recommended rifle break-in procedure has been completed.

** Nosler performs the recommended rifle break-in procedure on all Custom Rifles, Customers perform the break-in procedure on Production Rifles.

If the rifle has not fired a group within the stated guarantee during this 30 day period, please contact Nosler Customer Support.  We will determine if the rifle should be returned for inspection.


III.  DO NOT return the firearm to the dealer you purchased or picked up your rifle from.  Call Nosler Customer Support first.


IV.  Nosler Inc. is not responsible for damage during return shipments.


V.  In no event shall Nosler Inc. be liable for consequential damages.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusions may not apply to you.  The limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

a.    This warranty specifically excludes the cost of trips to the range, hunting trips, air fare, gasoline, guide fees, licenses, tags, ammunition, or any other related expenses.



Important information for foreign customers:

Due to the complexity of export / import rules between the United States of America and other countries, rifles that are sold outside the U.S.A. are sold “as is”, and are not covered by all portions of Nosler’s Limited Warranty.  Please contact us directly and we will assist you if possible.



Thinking about a new Custom Rifle?

Nosler is excited to announce new M48 Rifle Custom Options.  We have added stock options, new cerakote colors and other upgrades and options.

Best of all, the M48 Custom Rifle can now be yours at a starting price of $2495 that is a savings of $1300 over last years price!

Check out our online Rifle Builder application at to view any combination of specified options and features.


Custom Rifle Barrel Break-In Procedure

Rifle Barrel Break-In

Nosler Rifle Barrel Image

A procedure frequently overlooked by new rifle owners is completing a thorough barrel break-in. When new barrels are made, steel is unevenly stressed and microscopic burs and rough-spots are created. Hand-lapping new barrels certainly help with those burs and rough-spots, but there is nothing like putting rounds through them to relieve stress and put the final polish on the bore.

Our recommended procedure calls for about 30 rounds and plenty of time spent cleaning the bore, and takes most shooters the better part of a day at the range to complete. However, this hard work results in a barrel that shoots better, and is significantly faster and easier to clean over its working life.



Our Model 48 Custom Rifles are fully broken in and accuracy tested prior to shipment, resulting in exceptional out-of-the-box performance and giving you less time at the range and more time in the field.

Pictured Above Model 48 Custom Rifle wtih a Kevlar / Carbon Stock in Obsidian Black, Muzzle Break and a Zeiss HD5 Conquest 3 - 15x42 Lock Plex Scope

Pictured Above Model 48 Custom Rifle wtih a Kevlar / Carbon Stock in Obsidian Black, Muzzle Break and a Zeiss HD5 Conquest 3 - 15x42 Lock Plex Scope



The following procedure is what we recommended when you break in a Nosler Production Rifle:  
(This procedure can be used on other rifles as well)

The Procedure:


Following is the necessarily barrel break-in procedure to ensure reliable and consistent accuracy from your new rifle:

  1. Shoot one round and then clean
    Do this for the first ten rounds.
  2. Shoot three rounds and then clean
    Do this for the next fifteen rounds.

  3. Shoot five rounds and then clean
    then shoot a fouler round
    and then shoot three rounds for accuracy.

NOTE:  Allow barrel to cool to ambient temperature before shooting each series of break-in rounds to avoid unnecessary throat erosion. Do not shoot your rifle in succession until the barrel is too hot to touch with a bare hand.


When cleaning, use these simple instructions:


Use a quality one-piece cleaning rod.
Use a bore guide.
Clean from chamber end only.

  1. Clean powder residue from bore using a solvent like Shooter’s Choice™ or Butch’s Bore Shine™ following instructions on bottle.

  2. Follow with a copper remover like Montana X-Treme™ Copper Killer to remove copper fouling. Instructions on bottle work the best.

  3. Follow with a second group of patches coated in Shooter’s Choice™, Butch’s Bore Shine™, or similar solvent, then finish with dry patches until all solvent is removed from the bore.

  4. Finish with a patch lightly coated with gun oil such as Tetra Gun Oil™ or Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner Accuracy Gun Oil™.  Shooting a dry bore will greatly promote copper fouling. 


Use a stainless Steel bore brush.

Leave strong ammonia cleaning products in your bore for extended periods of time – additionally, do not allow solvents to contact stock as it can remove the finish.

Once the barrel is broken in, remember to clean the barrel after approximately every 20 to 40 rounds to keep accuracy optimal. A dirty bore is a primary cause of poor accuracy.



Nosler Production Rifles

- M48 Patriot Rifle
- M48 Outfitter Rifle
- M48 Heritage Rifle

Nosler Custom Rifles

- M48 Custom Rifle
- Nosler Custom Rifle Packages
- NoslerCustom Rifle (NCR)
- Varmageddon AR Rifle



Thinking about a new Custom Rifle?

Custom Rifle Builder Image

Nosler is excited to announce new M48 Rifle Custom Options.  We have added stock options, new cerakote colors and other upgrades and options.

Best of all, the M48 Custom Rifle can now be yours at a starting price of $2495 that is a savings of $1300 over last years price!

Check out our online Rifle Builder application at to view any combination of specified options and features.


M48 Hertitage Rifle Review


We were going through our Nosler Reloading Forum the other day and found this excellent review by one of our customers on the Heritage Rifle:

"The Heritage has arrived.  In a word, I am pleased.  Short of shooting it, it has met my expectations and objectives in a hunting rifle.

  • With a 2.5x8 Leupold in Talley’s, it weighs 8# 2ozs.  The balance of this pairing is perfect.  I don’t know if it was by design, but the ring spacing of the Talley’s on the M48 receiver is just perfect for the Leupold 2.5x8.
  • The wood has a nice color and figure.  The stock pattern is a very appealing classic style that is well executed. 
  • The black Cerakote nicely compliments the satin oil finish of the stock.
  • Cosmetically, the rifle is eye candy for a classic styled rifle fan. 
  • The fit is excellent with symmetrical and even inletting clearances in the barrel channel. 
  • The barreled action is sunk into the stock to the mid-point. 
  • The trigger is positioned properly at the top edge of the guard hole which shows that the inletting depth of the barreled action to the trigger guard was properly executed. 
  • The inletting for the loading port and bolt handle are carefully done.
  • The bottom metal is fit tightly and sunk just flush with the stock line.
  • The checkering is clean and even.
  • From the top, the forend contour nicely follows the barrel taper with an even and symmetrical space to the edge on both sides.
  • This careful mating of wood to metal could not have been achieved without the laying of hands on the assembly. 
  • The shadow line of the cheek-piece is a very nice custom touch. 
  • The slimness of the forend end gives way for the magazine box and tapers nicely over the trigger to the grip.

There is so much more to a hunting rifle than the visual appearance.  The feel of a classic style hunting rifle in the hands speaks to the character of the design.  The shape, taper and radius of the forend give the rifle balance and liveliness in the hand. The grip radius and contour comfortably position the trigger finger for quick firing.  The shape and contour of the cheekpiece position a properly mounted scope in the eye for snapshots. 

I have long been a student of the Classic Style rifle stock in America.  Each year, I would anxiously await John Amber to release the Gun Digest.  John Amber showcased the work of the top custom gunmakers in the country.  I always admired the great Masters work.  Just to name a few of these custom rifle smiths there is Jerry Fisher, Dale Goens, Leonard Brownell and the founder of Dakota Arms, Don Allen.  Work by members of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild is out of reach for me.

Nosler Pro Staffer Gary Lewis. Hunting with M48 Heritage Rifle

Nosler Pro Staffer Gary Lewis.
Hunting with M48 Heritage Rifle

However, this is the gold standard that should be aspired to by any company who wants to build a quality hunting rifle.  I applaud Nosler for offering such a high quality rifle at the semi-production price point. I don’t know who the stock-maker was who designed the Nosler 48 pattern.  This is a pattern that I would gladly duplicate in another rifle stock.

I certainly will be conflicted when it comes to dragging this rifle into the field.  The rigors of hunting and Mother Nature are not friendly to a rifle.  Many years ago I learned that there is only so much care that you can take with a rifle in the field.  If you use them and you truly hunt, they will take on memories of each day in the field and show the years of use.  I hunted with wood stocked rifles for many years before going exclusively to fiberglass stocks.

At one point, I didn’t want to be worrying more about the rifle than the hunt.  That was when I transitioned to fiberglass stocks.  However, when the wood stock gives way to synthetics, in that transition a rifle loses its character and just becomes a tool.

You will notice that I didn’t spend any time discussing the caliber.  To a point, caliber just becomes academic. We all like to talk about ballistics and terminal performance, but it is the character of the rifle that will endear it to the hunter.  I will be looking forward to spending time in the field with the Nosler M48 Heritage."

Satisfied Customer
Nosler Reloading Forum



The Nosler M48 Heritage Rifle winner of the 2015 Rifle Award / Guns & Shooting Online



For more great reviews and community talk on Nosler products we invite you to become a member of the Nosler Reloading Community!


Build Your Dream Rifle


Nosler is excited to announce new M48 Rifle Custom Options.  We have added stock options, new cerakote colors and other upgrades and options.

Best of all!  The M48 Custom Rifle can now be yours at a starting price of $2495 that is a savings of $1300 over last years price!

Custom Rifle Builder Extracted Image

Check out our online Rifle Builder application at to view any combination of specified options and features.

You build it on-line, and then we will build it to those exact specifications.  

With premium components at the heart of the rifle, there is no doubt that a Model 48 Custom Rifle is up to the challenge, whether it’s in a backyard tree-stand, or half-way around the world.