Nosler Now Offering 17 Remington Fireball Brass in Bulk Packs

Nosler Remington Fireball Bulk Brass

Recognizing the market demand for 17 Remington Fireball component brass, Nosler will now be offering the case in 100 count bags of unprepped Nosler Bulk Brass. Nosler Bulk Brass is manufactured from the same materials and tolerances as Nosler’s prepped, boxed brass, but rather than being prepped and weight sorted, Bulk Brass is bagged unprepped to provide their customers with the best quality brass at a cost-effective price.

The same rigorous quality control procedures that Nosler® bullets have experienced for seventy years are also in place for Nosler brass. Each piece of brass is manufactured and visually inspected at Nosler, bears the “Nosler” headstamp and is manufactured under the company’s strict “quality first” philosophy. With uncompromising attention to detail, each round of Nosler cartridge brass is made to precise dimensional standards using top grade materials for maximum accuracy, consistency and case life.

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