Mountain Goat Hunting: 7mm Rem Mag by John A. Nosler

John A. Nosler: Notice the Top Left Hand Corner

John A. Nosler: Notice the Top Left Hand Corner

After shooting the big 300 H&H for so many British Columbia trips, I began eyeing the 7mm caliber. A few companies loaded the 7x57mm cartridge, so I found a rifle in 7x57 to try. It was fun to shoot. I began wondering what it would be like in a larger case.

I was already making some Partition bullets and I strongly felt the Partitions would save the life of the 300 H&H cartridge, so I managed to have some Partitions in .284 diameter 160 gr. bullets made ready. The Winchester Model 70 rifle came out with an extra-long action to accommodate the 300 H&H-length cartridge. No other actions were long enough, so I shortened the 300 case to 30-06 length and formed it to take the .284 diameter bullet. This cartridge loaded with the 4350 powder was fun to shoot, and with the Partition bullets, looked like it would be an excellent cartridge for rather large game.


So I was off to British Columbia to try the 160 grain Partitions. They had tested out very well in the test that all Partition bullets must pass, so I was very interested in their big game performance. They were much more fun to shoot than the big 30 caliber. 


So I must admit my favorite rifles are chambered in 7mm Caliber.  ~John A. Nosler


The first game I wanted to hunt was the Rocky Mountain goat. The wild goats were difficult to get up on so the best I could do was around 300 yards. I had time to shoot so I took a good rest over my folded coat on a rocky cliff and fired. The goat just stood there for about 30 seconds and then fell over. I was very happy about the way the goat went down. 

7mm Partion 160 Grain Bullets

Upon examination inside the goat I was very pleased with the bullet’s performance. The lungs were all bloody with much other tissue damage. The bullet went out the other side: excellent performance! The Partition bullets taught me that a big moose was not hard to kill, it was just a matter of getting the bullet to get through the heavy boned shoulders.


With my introduction of the plastic tip to the bullet world, which the bullet industry went all out for, the 7mm caliber became my favorite fun gun. I could make long-range hits so much easier. Recoil was a minimal problem. So I must admit my favorite rifles are chambered in 7mm caliber.


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By: John A. Nosler