Nosler Introduces Their Most Powerful Cartridge Yet – The 33 Nosler

33 Nosler Banner

Nosler®, Inc. is excited to introduce the patriarch of the Nosler® cartridge family – the 33 Nosler®. The “33” shares the same parent case (404 Jeffery) as the rest of the family but fires .338 caliber bullets which are generally known for being tough on big game as well as having high Ballistic Coefficients and Sectional Densities for excellent interior, exterior and terminal ballistics.

The 33 Nosler is capable of propelling a 225gr AccuBond at 3025 fps and the brand new 265gr AccuBond Long Range at 2775 fps. That’s 275 fps faster and 20% more energy than the 338 Winchester Magnum using the same length action and 25fps faster than the 338 Lapua Magnum at the muzzle while burning 18% less powder. 

The 33 Nosler® is a SAAMI standardized cartridge making for consistent brass and chamber dimensions industry wide. Nosler will be supporting this new cartridge with Nosler® Brass, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition and naturally, their full line of M48 rifles in 26” barrel configurations which should be made available for delivery by the end of Q1, 2017.   

The initial 2017 Trophy Grade™ Ammunition offerings for the 33 Nosler® are aimed at providing the ideal blend of velocity, power and downrange terminal performance and are listed below:                                                              


Nosler Trophy Grade Ammunition – 225gr AccuBond
3025fps & 4589 ft/lbs at the muzzle

Nosler Trophy Grade LR Ammunition – 265gr AccuBond LR
2775fps & 4545 ft/lbs at the muzzle


Nosler will also be offering a Match Grade Ammunition offering for the 33 Nosler detailed below:


Nosler Match Grade Ammunition – 300gr Custom Competition HPBT           
2550fps at the muzzle


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