Nosler Ballistic Tip® Line Now Includes Unique Sub-Sonic Offering


Nosler®, Inc. announced today the addition of a long-awaited .30 220 gr. bullet option to the company’s renowned Ballistic Tip hunting bullet line. Only available previously in loaded ammunition, the new offering enters the line-up after overwhelming feedback from consumers to make the bullet available as a component for handloaders. This bullet was created to maximize effective terminal performance for the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge at sub-sonic velocities. At 1000 fps, the Ballistic Tip® bullet reliably exhibits controlled, double-diameter expansion, 90% weight retention and 18” of penetration in ballistic gelatin.

30 Caliber 220 Grain Bullet

Nosler Unveils Two Additions to the AccuBond Long Range Line

30 Caliber 168 Grain ABLR Bullet

Nosler’s successful AccuBond® Long Range (ABLR) bullet line is welcoming two much anticipated bullets to the existing lineup with the 30 168 gr and 338 265 gr ABLR. The 30 168 gr ABLR was designed to maximize downrange performance in cartridges with less than magnum case capacities, such as the ubiquitous 308 Winchester and 30-06. With a remarkable B.C. and moderate weight, this bullet will push the boundaries further than ever before.

For .338 caliber enthusiasts, the long awaited 338 265 gr ABLR is now part of the lineup as well. This bullet is the perfect complement to .338 cartridges with large case capacity, such as the recently introduced 33 Nosler, and is the ideal solution for long range shots. The 265 gr ABLR also has high weight for caliber and a high BC, which produces exceptional external ballistics.  

Developed through a combination of bullet manufacturing techniques unique to Nosler, the design of the AccuBond®-LR allows for the highest B.C. possible in a bullet of the same caliber and weight. Designed with an optimum terminal performance window ranging from 3,200fps down to 1,300fps, the unique tapered jacket geometry and proprietary bonding process of the ABLR allow it to expand rapidly for effective energy transfer and significant tissue damage while retaining sufficient weight to ensure deep penetration into the vitals. The AccuBond® bonding process allows the ABLR to perform reliably on game throughout the entire velocity range, eliminating the problem of being “too close” often encountered with other high-B.C. bullets. The high-performance boat tail, long ogive, and polymer tip combine to make the ABLR the sleekest, flattest- shooting, bonded, hunting bullet ever created.

Nosler Unveils Ultra-High BC, Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) Bullet Line

RDF Bullet Banner

Nosler Inc. announced today the first of several new innovative products slated to roll out over the coming weeks with the release of their new RDF™ Reduced Drag Factor bullet line. RDF™ features the highest BCs and smallest, most consistent meplats of any hollow point match bullet line on the market.

The RDF™ line was designed from the ground up by Nosler’s world-class team of engineers with the goal of delivering exceptionally high BCs that result in the flattest trajectory and least wind drift possible. Several key design factors contribute to the RDF’s game-changing performance. Nosler’s meticulously optimized compound ogive, which bridges traditional tangent and secant bullet shapes, is insensitive to seating depth, allowing handloaders to seat bullets with ease, an advantage for competitors who often load hundreds of rounds per sitting in preparation for a match. Also lending itself to the bullet’s sleek form factor is a long, drag reducing boattail, making the product optimal for long range efficiency.

When compared side-by-side, shooters will immediately notice a striking visual contrast between Nosler’s RDF™ and today’s leading industry match bullets, with a hollow point so small it’s nearly undetectable to the naked eye. The bullet’s tightly profiled design boasts a 40% average reduction in meplat size, completely eliminating the need to point and trim tips—a laborious step performed by match shooters in order to achieve increased ballistic efficiency and an edge over the competition. 

Long-range competitive shooting has quickly become one of the fastest growing shooting activities in the world, and quality bullets are the cornerstone of the sport” said John Nosler, Executive Vice President for the company. “Our engineers were challenged with delivering a bullet that would drastically reduce aerodynamic drag and increase ballistic consistency, providing shooters with an indisputable advantage in the field. What we achieved is a leap in match bullet technology that we predict will become the winning differentiator for shooters across the country, and around the globe.”

Nosler’s RDF™ bullet line will initially launch with the following offerings in both 100 and 500 count boxes:

  • 22cal 70gr.—G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.416 | G7 Ballistic Coefficient 0.211
  • 6mm 105gr.—BC field verification in process
  • 6.5mm 140gr.—BC field verification in process
  • 30cal 175gr.—G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.536| G7 Ballistic Coefficient 0.270
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American Hunter Bullet Bio - Nosler AccuBond


"The AccuBond is accurate because the core is consistent and void free. It shoots flat because of the high ballistic coefficient, which is helped along by the pointy white tip. And it's deadly because it perfectly balances expansion, erosion and penetration."

Richard Mann


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