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GET $10 for every $50 you spend* Online
between Thurs. June 1st - June 10th.  


Here is How it Works:

Make a purchase at of $50 dollars or more and you will receive a gift card in your account sent via email that can be redeemed between July 1st - July 9th. 

For every $50 dollars spent (minus shipping charges) your gift card balance will grow by $10.00.  Spend $100 and get $20.00 gift card all the way up to $1000 total Nosler Bucks can be awarded to any one customer. 

Please allow 2 to 3 days processing time to see your gift card issuance and balance growth.   

Purchase Dates:  June 1st through June 10th, 2017
Redemption Dates:  July 1st through July 9th, 2017

Make as many purchases as you would like between the purchase start date and end date, and you will continue to receive additional Nosler Bucks Gift Cards in your email box.  Look below for great tips on keeping all your Nosler Bucks in one area. 



*** We’ll give you $10 Nosler Bucks for every $50 you spend, up to a total of $1000 Nosler Bucks which can be spent just like cash for online purchases of in-stock merchandise at between July 1st - 9th, 2017.    

*** No Nosler Bucks will be awarded for any of the following purchases:  Nosler rifles, rifle accessories, bulk ammunition, clearance or sale items.  

*** Nosler Bucks may not be redeemed for cash, used to purchase Nosler gift cards, bulk ammunition or applied to previous purchases.  

*** If a purchase that accumulates Nosler Bucks is returned or canceled, the Nosler Bucks accumulated for this purchase will be deducted from your account.



Tips for Nosler Buck Earners:

In the email you receive your Nosler Bucks Gift Card attached and in the body of the email.  Your Nosler Bucks Gift Card can be found by logging into your account and clicking on Gift Card.  You can also manually add the gift card by choosing to add or redeem a gift card.  If you manually add the gift card make sure to choose "Add to My List".  You will be able to redeem the gift card at a later time: July 1st - July 9th, 2017.  

Your Nosler Bucks gift card will remain in a pending status until July 1st, 2017 at which time the card will become active and you will be able to redeem.  After redemption, you will gain a gift card balance that can be used to make purchases.  This option will display at both your cart and checkout options.

Nosler Bucks are forfeited if not redeemed between July 1st - 9th, 2017.   



Final Chance! Fall Rifle Ends Sunday.


Nosler Fall Rifle Sale:

Get a free case of ammo with select Nosler Ready to Ship rifles!
Some rifles are discounted with a case of ammunition
Some rifles have had prices slashed!

Get your Savings of $300 to $929 dollars with the Nosler Fall Rifle Sale!

Sale end Sunday 10/2  at Midnight!



Fall Rifle Sale Conditions:

* Offer not valid with close out rifles
* Offer is limited to quantity on hand
* Close out rifles DO NOT qualify for the free case of ammunition
* Price is limited to quantity on hand
* No additional discounts available


Nosler Shipping 30 Nosler Rifles, Ammunition And Brass

30 Nosler Shipping Image

At the beginning of the year, Nosler® announced the newest and largest member of their cartridge family, the 30 Nosler® which takes the best attributes of many currently available .30 caliber magnums and combines them into one cartridge. The 30 Nosler® easily meets the velocity of the 300 Weatherby, headspaces on the shoulder like a 300 RUM, has an efficient powder column like the 300 WSM and fits in the same standard length action of a 300 Winchester Magnum.

The 30 Nosler® is a SAAMI standardized cartridge making for consistent brass and chamber dimensions industry wide. Nosler is now shipping 30 Nosler® Brass, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition and naturally, their full line of Model 48 rifles in 26” barrel configurations.  

The initial offerings in Nosler’s Trophy Grade™ Ammunition provide the ideal blend of velocity, power and downrange terminal performance. They are:

                                                                                                                   26” Barrel

Nosler® Trophy Grade™ Ammunition – 180gr AccuBond®               3200fps

Nosler® Trophy Grade™ LR Ammunition – 210gr AccuBond® LR    3000fps


The 30 Nosler® shares the same parent case as the 26 & 28 Nosler® as well as the C.O.A.L. of 3.340” allowing this cartridge to be operated in a standard length action for lighter weight and shorter bolt throw when compared to magnum length actions. 

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