We're excited to announce the debut of Quality First, a new film produced by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which provides viewers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the painstaking work necessary to produce some of the highest quality bullets in the world.

Shot over several days, RMEF cameras were provided with unprecedented access into Nosler’s famously guarded manufacturing plant to shed light on the rigorous process undertaken by Nosler to produce the company’s world-renowned line of premium shooting sports products. A first of its kind, the film showcases how Nosler’s 70 years of accrued experience is applied to each thoughtful step in a complex process that includes technologically advanced machinery, stringent quality control measures and a passionate team of perfectionists.

Through RMEF’s cinematic lens, Quality First starts by telling Nosler’s powerful founding story that led to the revolution of the hunting industry in the 1940s. From there viewers will gain insight into what separates Nosler from other products by breaking down Nosler’s intricate bullet construction techniques into a visually engaging, easy to understand animation sequence. A rare on-the-floor tour of Nosler’s state-of the-art bullet factory, ballistics lab, inspection room and packaging line are some of the many stops featured throughout the film.

“Quality First isn’t just a saying that’s printed on our factory walls, it’s the guiding principle that affects every decision we make” says Mason Payer, Senior Marketing Manager at Nosler. “The decision to open our doors to viewers at this level was not taken lightly. Great consideration was placed on making sure the quality of storytelling aligned with the quality of our products. RMEF was able to capture our story perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We hope viewers enjoy it as much as we do.”

A long-time proponent of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Nosler currently donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of five Partition® bullets to benefit RMEF’s mission and recently added 11 loadings of Trophy Grade® and Expansion Tip™ ammunition to increase support.