Nosler Partners with Okayest Hunter Podcast

 Bend, Ore – April, 2024 – Nosler®, Inc. a global leader in the manufacturer of bullets, cartridge cases, ammunition, firearms and suppressors is proud to announce its partnership with the Okayest Hunter podcast. 

The Okayest Hunter podcast embodies a refreshing mission: to eliminate deer and buck shaming while promoting the idea that it’s perfectly “okay” to hunt in one’s own way, for whatever you hunt. By emphasizing the joy of the hunt and the making of timeless memories, the podcast encourages hunters to focus on the experience rather than the accolades. 

In a statement, the Okayest Hunter podcast expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Nosler ammunition is precision engineered for unmatched accuracy and performance. Whether pursuing the wiley whitetail or honing in on long-range shots, we’re excited to partner with Nosler to deliver the reliability and results we demand to make the most ethical shot we can as a nod of respect to animals we’re hunting.”  

Throughout the year, Nosler and Okayest Hunter Podcast will engage in various exciting initiatives, aimed at inspiring hunters of all skill levels to embrace the joy of the hunt and create lasting memories. Listeners are encouraged to tune in to the podcast regularly to stay updated on these collaborative efforts.