Nosler’s Nick Gadarzi Directs KRG Wind Breaker PRS Match

Wilbur, WA – October, 2023 – Nosler is proud to announce that Sponsored Shooter Nick Gadarzi has directed his first-ever Precision Rifle Series (PRS) match, the KRG Wind Breaker. Gadarzi, renowned as one of the top precision rifle competitors in the Northwest and beyond, delivered a challenging and successful event for participants.

The KRG Wind Breaker match took place in Wilbur, Washington, with the range perched on a bluff above Lake Roosevelt. The breathtaking views were complemented by formidable wind challenges, making it a unique shooting experience. The match featured 20 challenging stages spread over two intense days of competition. Shooters were tasked with firing an estimated 200 rounds in a range of scenarios, providing a rigorous test of their skills. Nick Gadarzi encompassed a broad spectrum of challenges, including 280 degrees of fire, moderate angles, long-range shots, moving targets, and a maximum distance not to exceed 1350 yards.

Among the many talented shooters who participated in the KRG Wind Breaker match, was Nosler’s Jake Millard. Millard secured an 8th-place overall finish in the competition and took home the title of “Top Junior”.

Nosler’s commitment to precision and performance is reflected in its sponsorship of talented shooters like Nick Gadarzi and Jake Millard. Through these partnerships, Nosler continues to be at the forefront of precision shooting sports, producing top-tier bullets and ammunition supporting the competitive shooting community.

The success of the KRG Wind Breaker is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both Nick Gardarzi and the participants. Nosler is proud to stand behind shooters who aim for excellence and look forward to continued collaborations.