Transform Your Hunting Experience with a Nosler Suppressor from Silencer Shop

Exciting news for all you hunters and long-range shooters out there! Getting a suppressor for your rifle has never been easier, thanks to our partnership with Silencer Shop. With the National Firearms Act (NFA) process simplified to just a few steps, approvals for suppressors are currently super fast, often just a few days. Order now, and you could enhance your hunts with a brand-new silencer just in time for the season!

How to Equip Your Rifle with a Nosler Suppressor in Five Easy Steps

Start your journey at where you can pick the ideal Nosler suppressor for your needs. Whether you are targeting small game with a .22lr or aiming for a bull elk with a robust 30cal, we’ve got a suppressor for you. Our SR series, crafted specifically for hunters and sharpshooters, promises not only to protect your hearing but also to improve your aim when it matters most. A quick tip: the SR-30 Ti and SR-22 Ti currently come with a free $200 NFA tax stamp when purchased through Silencer Shop.

If you’re new to the world of suppressors, no worries! Register at a local Silencer Shop kiosk to complete your fingerprinting and demographic details in a snap. Or, you can use FD-258 cards for your fingerprints if that’s more convenient. Then, just upload a passport-style photo via the Silencer Shop app, and you’re all set.

Silencer Shop will send you a document containing all your information for review. Make sure everything’s accurate and sign off digitally from any device. It’s crucial for a smooth ATF process,

Next up, you'll need to create an account at This step is essential as you'll use this account to submit your eForm 4 for the ATF’s approval. Ensure that the details on your ATF eForms account match those in your Silencer Shop profile to avoid any discrepancies.

Once your new Nosler suppressor is ready and waiting at your dealer, Silencer Shop will notify you with a "Ready to Certify" email. Then, simply coordinate with your local dealer to submit your Form 4 to the ATF. You can check Silencer Shop’s ATF wait time tracker to get updates on the average approval times.

We can't wait to hear about how a Nosler suppressor enhances your next hunting adventure! Remember, the right gear can make all the difference.