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7.62x39mm Bulk Unprepped Brass (100ct)

Bulk Unprepped Brass 7.62x39mm Bulk Unprepped Brass (250ct)
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Nosler® Premium Unprepped Bulk Brass was created for the high-volume hand loaders that want the quality of Nosler® Premium Brass but want to do the case prep work themselves. Manufactured from the same quality materials and to the same tolerances allowing for extended case life, Nosler® 7.62x39mm Premium Unprepped Bulk Brass is bagged in 100ct bags to provide you with the best raw brass for creating that perfect load.
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Product Name7.62x39mm Bulk Unprepped Brass (100ct)
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Box Qty100
Primer pocket sizeLarge Rifle
Case Pre-SizedNo
Case Mouth Deburred/ChamferedNo
Flash Hole DeburredNo
Weight SortedNo
Manufacturer SKU10193
Factory TypeNew
Metal FinishBrass
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