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As a top priority for 2021, our new Project 48 mission is designed to welcome, engage and educate the record number of new hunters, shooters and gun owners recruited in 2020. To help us reach these new members of the shooting community, we’ve recruited several Project 48 partners who are leading efforts to shift the narrative around gun ownership and laying the infrastructure for the most critical issues facing our industry- new hunter recruitment and new shooter education. The Project 48 lineup will be announced throughout 2021 and is set to include a unique pool of talent that includes military personnel, professional athletes, 2A activists and more.

Colion Noir

An attorney by trade, Colion is recognized as one of today’s leading voices for young gun enthusiasts, producing firearm lifestyle and 2A content for his millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In addition to social media, Colion appears regularly as a FOX News commentator on the issue of gun rights.


Colion NoirColion NoirColion Noir
Tim KennedyTim KennedyTim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy rose to fame as a professional MMA fighter in the UFC. A lifelong martial arts athlete proficient in jiu-jitsu, boxing and wrestling, Kennedy was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of fame in 2011 as MMA Fighter of the Year. In addition to his professional fighting career, he is an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as others around the globe. Kennedy’s accomplished career has catapulted him into the social media spotlight, amassing over 1 million followers across his platforms. Today, he plays an important role in empowering people of all backgrounds to take ownership over their own safety by offering specialized self-defense, firearms and emergency response training through his company Sheepdog Response.