Inspection and Packaging Supervisor



This position as an Inspection and Packaging Supervisor begins as an “Introductory Trainee” for 90 consecutive days during which time Supervisory staff will evaluate whether the employee is suited for the position. If the employee is determined to be suitable for the job, status will then advance to “Regular Employee” on the first of the month following the 90 day period and Company benefits will commence. However, at the discretion of management an Introductory Trainee may be extended up to an additional sixty days before benefits will be available.

Current work hours are Mon.-Fri. 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. Work hours and schedule are subject to change and overtime as needed does apply. Starting wage is D.O.E.


Duties involve the overall supervision of the department which include: inspection, tumbling, packaging, labeling, shrink-wrap operations with ultimate placement into finished goods inventory. This is a very hands-on position which requires intense interaction with subordinate staff members as well as the executive staff and managers and supervisors in other departments. In addition, a commitment to bring new ideas and concepts to improve the overall operation of the department as well as enhance the team work spirit is expected.

Applicants must possess sufficient dexterity and motor skills to rapidly unfold telescopic cardboard cartons. Manual dexterity is also required to correctly fill cartons, operate labeling equipment and subsequently affixing labels to filled cartons. Ability to endure repetitive wrist and arm movement while wearing protective wrist braces is imperative. Must be able to operate a continuous inspection belt, watching for visual imperfections on finished product, one by one, under high intensity light. This position also requires the lifting and moving of a variety of heavy packages or metal containers on a regular basis.


A four year degree (BS/BA) in Process Engineering (or similar) is preferred but not required. Additionally, must be able to write clearly and communicate with ease. Mechanical aptitude is essential. Position also requires excellent eyesight with or without correction for close inspection work. Successful applicant will have strong “people skills” with the ability to conduct departmental staff meetings, reprimand and document accordingly as well as generate performance evaluations in a timely manner. Computer literacy using Microsoft Word and Excel is essential.

3-5 years previous supervisory experience is required


Working conditions involve standing/sitting and moving, pulling, and grasping various items. Lifting duties range from one pound to thirty-five pounds. Additionally, will be required to move two-sided carts on rollers loaded with finished goods weighing up to one-hundred sixty pounds. Must be able to concentrate under repetitive conditions, follow instructions, work quickly, climb ladders, count items accurately, and work under pressure/deadlines.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


This work environment has the potential to expose an employee to hazardous conditions. Consequently, Nosler, Inc. has implemented a drug testing policy that will help ensure that all employees will be safe operators and that the work environment is equally safe. Our policy is simple: zero tolerance for drug use. This means that a positive test for illegal drugs or alcohol while working will result in immediate termination.


Nosler, Inc. has a ”Standard of Excellence” code. The Company expects all its personnel to maintain a neat and clean appearance. As part of this commitment, we reserve the right to expect all male personnel to follow the company guidelines regarding hair length, which is not to exceed below the collar. Pony tails or longer hair is not allowed. Mustaches and beards are allowed but must be kept neatly trimmed. In addition, visible body piercing on male or female employees is not allowed (this includes tongue rings, nose studs, eyebrow piercings, etc.).

For consideration, please Apply Online or stop by Nosler Headquarters in Bend, Oregon