Jake Millard

Jake Millard's passion for the shooting sports started at just 5-years-old. After years of shooting and hunting with his dad, Jake felt ready to start shooting competitively at 13. Only three years later, Jake has earned several overall match wins and top rankings in both the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League professional circuits. Currently ranked #1 in the Young Guns Division of the National Rifle League, 16-year-old Jake is the youngest shooter to earn a spot on the Nosler team. More than just an "up-and-comer," Jake is considered a force to be reckoned with by many of today's top professional competitors. 

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Recent Rankings and Achievements


Ranked #1 in the Young Guns Division- National Rifle League

Ranked #1 in the Nothwest/ Rocky Mtn region- Precision Rifle Series

Ranked #1 in the Rifleman's Team Challenge Series with shooting partner and Nosler Sponsored Shooter, Nick Gadarzi

1st Place- Karstetter Memorial Match- Team Division

2nd Place- Findlay Cup Memorial Match

3rd Place- Rock Lake MDT Steel Challenge


Top Junior and 5th Overall- NW/ Rocky Mtn PRS region

1st Place - Snipers Hide Cup Colorado

1st Place - Northwest Precision Rifle League CW

1st Place- Rifleman's Team Challenge Series

Top Youth- Nothern Utah Barrel Burner


Top Junior- Parma Precision Rifle Rumble- Precision Rifle Series

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