Janae Frehner

Precision rifle series Shooter

Growing up in southern Nevada within a family of six brothers, Janae spent much of her time outdoors enjoying sports from hiking and softball, to shooting and hunting. She was raised around guns but was usually the last of seven to spend a ton of time behind one, being the only girl. After marrying an avid hunter, she involved herself in varmint and big game hunting. 

She has been actively competing for about six years. Her love of the sport has grown into more than just hobby--it has become a lifestyle and she has found a great network of a shooter family in her local club, Sin City Precision. She loves the sport and is dedicated to helping it grow through helping others to get involved. She actively helps youth shooters especially through the NRL 22, a non -profit organization that encourages new shooters to try competitions, focusing mainly on women and kids. She actively participates in the National Rifle League, NRL22, and starting this year, the new NRL Hunter series.

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