The Model 48 Trophy Grade™ Rifle


MSRP $1995

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The Model 48 TGR is a rifle built for the hunt. Its simple design and no-nonsense features let you focus on the shot, instead of your equipment, when the trophy of a lifetime is in your sights.

All Model 48 TGR’s are guaranteed to provide sub M.O.A. 3-shot groups at 100 yards with the appropriate Nosler ammunition.



Designed for performance and built for accuracy, the award winning Model 48 Trophy Grade Rifle (TGR) has quickly become one of the finest values in the shooting industry. The TGR features the proven Nosler Model 48 action in a lightweight composite stock designed to handle some of the most extreme hunting conditions on the planet. A blind-bottom magazine reduces the overall weight, and results in a simple, robust rifle that is ready for anything. All exterior surfaces are coated with Cerakote™ all weather finish, while the critical internal parts are coated with Micro Slick™ dry lubricant.

M48 Trophy Grade Rifle Commercial 

Every M48 Trophy Grade Rifle Includes: 

  • Proven Nosler M48 Custom Action
  • Match-grade chrome moly hand-lapped barrel
  • 2-position safety
  • Crisp, custom 3-pound trigger pull
  • Glass bedded over a full-length aluminum chassis that is integral to the Aramid Fiber Reinforced composite stock
  • Blind-bottom Magazine
  • CERAKOTE™ and Micro Slick™ finishes to prevent corrosion and intrusive weather damage
  • Weighs under 7.5 pounds for the optimum balance between accuracy and hunt-ability
  • Guaranteed M.O.A. or better 3-shot groups at 100 yards with prescribed Nosler® ammunition.

**Scope, rings and bases sold separately 




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Detailed M48 Trophy Grade Features

M48 Trophy Grade Rifle

1 Reinforced Composite Stock
A composite stock reinforced with aramid fibers and an aluminum bedding chassis provides a lightweight and durable platform for the Nosler Model 48 action. Weather will not cause the stock to swell or warp, leading to consistent shot placement in any condition.

2 Scope Space
Contoured to accept any standard 2-piece Remington® 700™ or Weatherby Mark V® scope base.

3 Chrome Barrel
A match-grade, chrome moly steel, hand-lapped barrel provides guaranteed M.O.A. accuracy.

M48 Trophy Grade Rifle

4 Anti-Rust and Wear
All external metal surfaces are coated with the NIC Industries Cerakote™ finish. Designed to protect against rust and wear, Cerakote™ products can withstand tremendous impact with no coating loss, and can resist corrosion in a variety of tough conditions. We have found Cerakote™ to be the best firearms finish available to date.

5 Comfortable Trigger Guard
An oversized trigger guard allows the shooter to wear gloves when firing for quick, cold-weather shots.

M48 Trophy Grade Rifle Product Line