The Nosler Custom Rifle


Nosler Custom Rifle

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The NCR action features a double-square bridge with integral Leupold® QR™ (Quick Release) scope bases, allowing you to easily remove the scope for travel, and reaffix it when you are ready to hunt at your destination. The warmth and beauty of fine walnut, crafted into a classic-styled rifle stock is the ultimate complement to a custom rifle – especially so when combined with the confidence of guaranteed accuracy. The NCR comes with a Leupold® VX-3i 4.5-14x40 CDS Duplex scope fitted with a CDS dial pre-calibrated to match the rifle’s trajectory with Nosler ammunition. Also included are two boxes of our NoslerCustom® Ammunition loaded to the tightest tolerances to provide guaranteed accuracy. All of this comes nested in a military-grade hard-case manufactured by Pelican®.  

Limited in production, the NoslerCustom® Rifle (NCR) presents an opportunity for performance to the shooter whose passion for accuracy is equal to his passion for artistic beauty. Designed to fully utilize the accuracy potential of Nosler’s hunting bullets, this fine rifle offers guaranteed accuracy with Nosler® AccuBond® bullets. The NCR is built as part of a shooting system where the rifle, ammunition, and scope merge flawlessly for extreme accuracy and consistency in a stunningly gorgeous package. The NCR is chambered in 28 Nosler, a round that is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its superlative blend of power, accuracy, and flat trajectory. The 28 Nosler is extremely versatile, suitable for hunting North American big game, African plains game, or sheep and goats around the world.  

All Pictured Accessories are included with this rifle.


Detailed Nosler Custom Rifle


1.  Precision
The NCR action is precision CNC machined to extremely tight tolerances for the utmost in accuracy and reliability. Every action is blueprinted and trued after heat-treating to ensure perfect dimensions and alignment. The NCR action uses a heavy-duty square bottom integral recoil lug which mates with the stock for a uniform and consistent distribution of energy during firing.

2.  European Walnut Stock
The NCR is stocked in Fancy-Grade Walnut. The NCR stock features a Rosewood grip cap and endcap as well as 20 line per inch checkering on the wrist and forend for an elegant, classic look that is as beautiful as it is functional. 

3.  Integral Bases
The NCR action is a double square bridge design featuring integral Leupold® QR™ (Quick Release) bases machined directly into the action itself. The Leupold® QR™ system allows the scope to be removed from the rifle during transport or cleaning as well as the use of multiple scopes for various applications. 


4.  Glass Bedding
Each rifle is glass and pillar bedded to its stock to ensure optimum accuracy from the free floated barrel. 

7.  NCR Bolt
Bolt handles and bodies are precision CNC machined and heat treated for strength and rigidity. A groove is machined into the right hand bolt locking lug that mates perfectly with a rail in the receiver to promote smooth bolt travel.  A large, AR-15 style extractor provides reliable feeding and extraction on even the most stubborn cases. Hand-lapped locking lugs provide a smooth and precise lock-up for optimum accuracy and alignment to the barrel.

5.  Stainless Steel Barrel
A match-grade, hand-lapped, stainless steel Shilen barrel provides guaranteed accuracy and resists corrosion.

8. Timney trigger
A Timney trigger with 3-position safety breaks crisp and clean for the utmost accuracy, and also locks the bolt closed in the "safe" position.

6.  Anti-Rust and Wear
All external metal surfaces are coated with NIC Industries, Graphite Black, Cerakote™ finish. Designed to protect against rust and wear, Cerakote™ products resist corrosion in a variety of tough conditions. We have found Cerakote™ to be the best firearms finish available to date. Inside the bolt, firing pin and pin spring are coated with MicroSlick™, a dry film lubricant coating that reduces friction and wear.