The Nosler XP48

fantastic performance and robust dependability. Featuring a lightweight synthetic stock, top quality components, and protected by a hearty all-weather finish, the Model 48 Liberty Rifle is ready for any condition Mother Nature has to offer.

MSRP: $2200

For 2016 we wanted to distinguish this rifle from other products of similar name in the marketplace, and have re-designated this Model 48 rifle as the“Liberty”. The Model 48 Liberty™ possesses all the traits that have earned Nosler Rifles a reputation for 

Mark Hampton

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"Mark Hampton is one of those rare individuals who has hunted on six continents, encompassing over twenty three countries, with a handgun. Hampton has taken over 140 different species of big game, with a handgun of course. In seventeen trips to Africa he has taken the big five; four cape buffalo, three elephants, two leopards, plus lion and rhino. Hampton has also accounted for other hard-earned trophies from the dark continent including Lord Derby eland, bongo, yellow-backed duiker, forest and Zambezi sitatunga, among others."

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1.  A composite stock reinforced with aramid fibers and an aluminum bedding chassis provide a lightweight and durable platform for the Nosler Model 48 action. Weather will not cause the stock to swell or warp, leading to consistent shot placement in any condition.

2.  Contoured to accept any standard 2-Piece scope base that would otherwise fit a Remington® Model 700™.

3.  A shadow-line cheekpiece provides a consistent and comfortable cheek weld for repeatable shoulder position.

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4.  Guaranteed MOA Accuracy when used with prescribed Nosler Ammunition.

7.  All external metal surfaces are coated with the NIC Industries Cerakote™ finish. Designed to protect against rust and wear, Cerakote™ 

8.  A lightweight aluminum floorplate allows for quick unloading, without adding appreciable weight to the rifle.

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