The Model 48 Nosler Independence is the ultimate precision bolt-action handgun. Built on a one-piece, billet aluminum stock, the mid-grip stock provides a completely rigid platform for the bedded action and free-floated barrel. Designed from the ground up by the engineers at Nosler with input from some of the most successful handgun hunters alive today, the M48 Independence is the answer to handgun hunters’ dreams. Each handgun is machined and built from US made parts by the accomplished gunsmiths at the Nosler Rifle division in Bend, Oregon.

Built on the rugged Nosler Model 48 short action, the Independence shares all of the same features that have made the Model 48 series of rifles a continued success. Available in a variety of short action calibers well-suited to varmint hunting, silhouette shooting, and hunting big game. Every 15” barrel has a threaded muzzle to fit a variety of muzzle breaks and suppressor options. Every handgun stock and barreled action are completely 100% Cerakoted.


“Over the last 40 years, I have shot every conceivable configuration of single-shot handguns including high-end custom rigs.  The new Nosler handgun will keep up with the very best of them.  In my experience, I have found this handgun to be extremely accurate, well-designed, and user-friendly.  The Nosler handgun will be most welcome with handgun hunters, target and steel shooters, or anyone looking to add an exciting dimension to their shooting experience.  A big Thank You goes out to the Nosler team!”

Mark Hampton  has written numerous articles and published two books related to hunting.  He has hunted on six continents in thirty countries and taken over 190 different species of big game with a handgun alone.  Mark is considered one of the world’s top handgun hunters.



The stock of the M48 Independence is precision CNC machined from a single billet of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The one-piece design of the aluminum mid-grip stock provides a completely rigid platform for the bedded action and free-floated barrel.


The M48 Independence is entirely coated in NIC Industries Cerakote® finish. The barreled action and stock are coated separately; with the stock coated Gun Metal Grey and the barreled action coated Matte Black.


The M48 Independence is a single-shot, fed from a solid-bottom receiver.



The Independence is designed to accept standard AR-15 grips allowing the owner to choose from a wide variety of aftermarket grips to customize the look and feel of the handgun to their liking. Each handgun ships standard with a black Hogue® Overmolded® rubber grip with finger grooves.


The M48 Independence features a 15”, fully free-floated, 416R stainless steel heavy contour barrel that has been threaded at the muzzle, and supplied with a thread protector.


The M48 Independence has an overall length of 21” with a 15” barrel, and weighs 6.5 lbs without scope or mounts


Model 48 Independence Handgun General Specifications
Metal Finish Stock Type Contour BL OL Weight
Cerakote™ Aluminum Chassis Heavy 15" 22.5" (See table below)
Model 48 Independence Offerings Cartridge Specific Specifications
Part # Cartridge Twist
80848 22 Nosler 1-8"
80948 6mm Creedmoor 1-7.5"
81148 24 Nosler 1-7.5"
81248 6.5 Creedmoor 1-8"
81348 7mm-08 1-9"
81448 308 Win 1-10"