Tim Milkovich

Tim Milkovich is currently a patrol officer and SWAT team Sniper/Observer. Tim is also a firearms instructor and armorer. He teaches pistol, rifle. shotgun, carbine and has taught in SWAT schools and Sniper schools.

Tim is a 12 year military veteran with service in the US Marine Corps, US Army and US Air Force.
Tim has been shooting competition since 1986 in a variety of shooting sports including Pistol Silhouette, Bullseye Pistol, USPSA, IDPA, and 3 Gun. Tim is ranked as Master Class shooter in a majority of the sports he has participated in and is well known in the shooting industry.

In 2008, Tim began shooting practical / tactical precision rifle shooting which later became the Precision Rifle Series. He's won numerous local matches in Arizona and Nevada and had many top 10 finishes in national level PRS and NRL matches. Tim is currently the club president at his local club, Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters.

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