Brian Wojciechowski "WOJO"

Professional Guide and TV Personality

Brian Wojciechowski “Wojo” has been Jim Shockey’s key right hand man and head guide for over 12 years. Wojo is the man behind the scenes who runs the outfitting operations in Jim’s Rogue River moose territory in the Yukon as well as his Canadian Whitetails operation in
Saskatchewan. He has been featured many times on “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures”, “Jim Shockey’s – The Professionals” and “Jim Shockey’s Uncharted” guiding clients to monster moose, mountain caribou, black bears and whitetail bucks.

Wojo is a lifelong resident of Saskatchewan and when he’s not guiding for Jim he can be found hunting, fishing, trapping or riding his snowmobile.  A “man’s man” who grew up on a farm, Wojo is the kind of guy who can fix anything hat moves and overcome any obstacle that Mother Nature throws at him. He has been happily married for 35 years, has two adult children and three grandchildren.

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