Nosler Cartridge Unprepped Brass


Nosler bulk brass was created for high-volume handloaders that want Nosler quality brass, but don’t need it to be prepped.
Nosler bulk brass is manufactured from the same materials and to the same tolerances as Nosler’s prepped, boxed brass, but rather than being prepped, and weight sorted, Nosler Bulk brass is bagged raw in 250ct. bags to provide you with the best raw materials for creating your perfect load. Brass should be full-length sized and trimmed to length before loading.   

Nosler Bulk Brass Banner

  • Unprepped, Raw Brass
  • Nosler Headstamp
  • Non Weight Sorted
  • 250 ct. Bulk Packaging

Cartridge Unprepped Bulk Brass - Product Line


204 Ruger

Part# 10057
Box Count: 250

22 Hornet

Part # 10066
Box Count: 250



Part# 10099
Box Count: 250

222 Remington mAGNUM

Part# 10059
Box Count: 250



Part# 10068
Box Count: 250

300 aac bLACKOUT

Part# 45124
Box Count: 250