No caliber is more uniquely American than the 270. For over 90 years, American hunters have taken to the field in pursuit of nearly all the game the lower 48 states have to offer with a trusty 270 in hand. Over the decades, millions of deer, elk, sheep, bears and pronghorn have fallen to it, to grace the tables and walls of America’s hunters and add chapters to the American hunting lore. For 2020, Nosler has chosen to take the venerable 270 caliber to a new level with the introduction of the all-new 27 Nosler. Conceived as a 21st century upgrade, the 27 Nosler delivers previously unobtainable downrange ballistics by pairing the ultimate combination of case capacity with modern long-for-caliber bullets.

The result is a standard setting offering from Nosler that redefines performance as radically now as the 270 Winchester did upon its introduction in 1925. If you hunt where the game is tough, the shots are long and demanding, and there is no room for compromise, there is no better choice than the 27 Nosler.

How the Brand-New 27 Nosler Revives the .277

“We used the new cartridge on a big-game hunt last fall. Here’s how it performed”

Twist Rate

1:8.5” The 27 Nosler’s faster-than-standard twist barrel is designed to stabilize modern, long range bullets.

Case Design

Based on the 404 Jeffrey Same case as the 30 Nosler When compared to the 28 Nosler, the 27 Nosler has a longer neck and a shorter length to the shoulder to prevent the 28 from being chambered in the 27.

The 27 Nosler has a long leade for sleek, high BC, long ogive, ABLR and RDF style bullets.

Fully prepped, Nosler premium cartridge brass in 27 Nosler will be available in 25ct boxes. If needed, 27 Nosler brass can be formed from 30 Nosler brass. 30 Nosler cases are preferred if forming 27 Nosler cases because of the similar shoulder dimension.

Comparison Velocity

Loaded with a 150gr bullet, the 27 Nosler is 400fps faster than a 270 Win, and 300fps faster than a 270 WSM at the muzzle.


Loaded with a 150gr bullet, the 27 Nosler has an additional 800ft/lbs. of energy over the 270 Win and 600ft./lbs. more than the 270 WSM at the muzzle.


At 500 yds. the 27 Nosler drops 11” less than a 270 Win and 7” less than a 270 WSM.

Case Capacity

Fireformed case, overflowing to the neck = 98.4 gr/H2O with a 150 AB seated to 3.340” OAL = 89.9 gr/H2O

27 Nosler Vs. 300 win mag

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