The Ballistic Tip Lead-Free™ (BTLF) is everything that varmint and predator hunters expect from a Ballistic Tip®, in a lead-free design. The flat-based, lead-less bullet features Nosler’s patented Fragmenting Copper Core Technology™ which exhibits immediate and rapid expansion, initiated by its metallic-colored polymer tip, at practical varmint shooting velocities of 1600 fps and above.

The BTLF can safely be used in all lead-free zones or shooting ranges that require non-magnetic bullets. Users can be confident of the same performance and quality that the Ballistic Tip® has made famous for more than 35 years.

  • Unique Metallic- Colored Polymer Tip:

    Nestled in the jacket mouth is the streamlined polymer tip, color-coded by caliber.

  • Ultra-Thin Copper Jacket

    Retains structural integrity at ultra-high velocities yet fragments completely upon impact.

  •  Fragmenting Copper Core

    Creates rapid and absolute displacement of target.

  • Flat Base

    Ballistically engineered for ultra-high velocities and bench rest accuracy.

Game Recommendations

Coyote Coyote
Prairie Dog Prairie Dog


Part # Product Image Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Profile BC G1 Box Qty Price QtyDetailsPurchase
45140 204 Caliber 32gr Ballistic Tip Lead Free (100ct) 204 32gr Spitzer 0.228 100
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Out of stock
45150 22 Caliber 35gr Ballistic Tip Lead Free (100ct) 22 35gr Spitzer 0.201 100
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Out of stock
45160 22 Caliber 40gr Ballistic Tip Lead Free (100ct) 22 40gr Spitzer 0.220 100
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Out of stock
45498 22 Caliber 50gr Ballistic Tip Lead Free (100ct) 22 50gr Spitzer 0.251 100
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45170 6mm 55gr Ballistic Tip Lead Free (100ct) 6mm 55gr Spitzer 0.288 100
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