Evolving out of the Sporting Handgun™ line of match-grade bullets, the ASP™ bullet line was designed to create a versatile handgun bullet that can be used for a variety of applications. By adding deep skives to the nose and mouth of the copper jacket, Nosler® has enhanced the expansion characteristics of the ASP™ bullet without sacrificing the accuracy and reliable feeding that the Sporting Handgun™ line has been known for. The skives in the jacket mouth create precise reliefs in the jacket which allow for rapid, consistent, reliable expansion. This reliable expansion assures energy transfer and stopping power while limiting the likelihood of over-penetration. Equally at home on duty or in a defensive role, Law Enforcement professionals and civilians alike can rest assured that the ASP™ bullet will perform when needed.

  • Skived bullet jacket engineered for reliable expansion at a range of impact velocities

  • Controlled expansion and penetration for effective energy transfer

  • Jacket mouth designed for smooth, reliable feeding

  • Consistent performance and accuracy

Game Recommendations

Steel Targets Steel
Pig Pig
Deer Deer
Prairie Dog Prairie Dog
800 fps 800 fps
1100 fps 1100 fps
1250 fps 1250 fps
1350 fps 1350 fps
Part # Product Image Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Profile BC G1 Box Qty Price QtyDetailsPurchase
44848 9mm 115gr JHP ASP (250ct) 9mm 115gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.109 250
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Out of stock
43123 9mm 124gr JHP ASP (250ct) 9mm 124gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.118 250
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43258 9mm 147gr JHP ASP (250ct) 9mm 147gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.156 250
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Out of stock
44852 10mm 135gr JHP ASP (250ct) 10mm 135gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.093 250
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44860 10mm 150gr JHP ASP (250ct) 10mm 150gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.106 250
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44885 10mm 180gr JHP ASP (250ct) 10mm 180gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.147 250
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44952 10mm 200gr JHP ASP (250ct) 10mm 200gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.163 250
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44847 45 Caliber 185gr JHP Custom Competition (250ct) 45 185gr Hollow Point 0.142 250
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44922 45 Caliber 230gr JHP ASP (250ct) 45 230gr Jacketed Hollow Point 0.175 250
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