The Time to Hunt Lighter is Now

SR-30k Size ComparisonSR-30k Size ComparisonSR-30k Size Comparison

 Unleash Stealth.

Introducing the new Nosler SR-30 suppressor. Based on the SR-30AlTi, and featuring an aluminum and titanium construction for the lightest possible weight, the SR-30K strikes a balance between overall length and noise reduction. Designed specifically with hunters in mind, the SR-30K is two inches shorter and two ounces lighter than its full-sized brother the SR-30AlTi utilizing a proprietary baffle stack design for maximum performance in a minimalist package.

Weight: 7.2 oz
Length: 5.834”
Diameter: 1.740”
Color: Black
Thread Pitch: 5/8x24
Decibel Reduction: 21db*


*Average decibel reduction measured during testing, individual results may vary.

MSRP: $729

Silence is Golden.

Being lighter and shorter, the SR-30K is easier to carry and when mounted, is easier to maneuver than a full sized can providing superior handling characteristics and offhand balance. The shorter overall length of the SR-30K is excellent choice for use on rifles with longer barrels, which can become ungainly when using a standard-length suppressor making it ideal for use in a tree stand, ladder stand or ground blind. Utilizing the same attachment system as the rest of the Nosler suppressor line, the SR-30k can be mounted either over a brake, or direct-thread with the use of the included adapter. When space and weight are at a premium, but you want the noise and blast reduction of a suppressor, the Nosler SR-30K provides the best of both worlds.

Due to the use of space age materials to preserve its light weight, the Nosler K-Can is not designed for long shot strings or full auto fire without allowing a period of cooling. Always allow the suppressor adequate time to cool between strings to preserve the integrity of your suppressor over a lifetime of use. For rapid-fire or full-auto applications, see the Nosler Ti series of full-titanium suppressors.

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